Scenes From A {Not So Typical} Friday Night

Last evening hubs and I decided to take a different approach to our Friday night.
Dear Approach, I kinda love you ;)
{Not Pictured}:
-The heavenly 45 minute nap that happened around 5:45 pm that might've been induced by half of a cocktail.
-The secret award we won for "best fire of the night competition" against our neighbors.
Shhh...they have no idea.
-The tick I swore I found on my blanket which then called for Brad Paisley's song "Ticks" to be downloaded immediately..which then turned into an evening orchestrated by him, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, and Tom Petty.
Thank you pretty little ticky for your musical inspiration.
-And a bunch of other exciting activities that are none of your business...
Well, except this one:
We did have a deep conversation on whether it is true that flys really do poop every time they land on something.
I could've put an end to the conundrum by googling the answer, but I kinda like the mystery.

All in all I think it is safe to say that this was hands down the...
Best Friday Night Ever.

Thank you sweat pants, blankets, firepit, tiki torches, corn on the cob, grill, margarita, ipad, puppy, and hubby for making this evening all that it was cracked up to be.
Especially you sweat pants.
I love you all =)

What'd your Friday night look like?



  1. What an amazing Friday night!! Sounds perfect :)

    xo Teresa
    Check out my newest fashion remix!

  2. Sounds amazing...how I envy your yard! That is something we don't have to enjoy, but I know we would if we did! Our Friday nights often include Chinese take-out, a documentary (last night's was about sex culture in America), and bed by 10...because we're THAT cool:) Thanks for your fun blog--I really enjoy reading it!

  3. hey sweet girl! your friday night looked fabulous - those are the best evenings. not having to worry about going out or getting dressed. Just chillin' out with a cocktail and the hubs. sounds perfect.

    thanks for the sweet comment the other day - i've missed reading your blog, ugh - life got crazy! but i'm catching up now!

    hope you have a fabulous weekend, girlie!!!


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