The Most Sleep Deprived Blog Post Ever Written

Welcome Welcome.
Guess who is back from Nashy?!??!
No, not your mom.
Me :)
{You are right, I am the only one who would've guessed your mom to that question and thought it was a little bit funny.}
Anyhow friends...I have much to write about, but not just yet.
I have pictures to download, a suitcase full of sweaty/smelly clothes to unpack {100 degree temps will do that to ya}, 9 million {give or take} blogs to read, and 36 hours of sleep to catch up on.
I am going to do my best to get all of the above done in lickety split so I can get my little big booty back on here.
I miss ya'll so much..
..Yes, I'm officially Southern.
Can't wait to share the most amazing 4 days of my life with you.
Til next time....
Loooooooooooove you.


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