Miscellaney Monday

{I have been waiting months to say that and finally found an applicable time}.
Rise n' shine Sleepy Beepies.
It's Monday-time to get these little fingers of mine back into bloggin' mode.
Take it away flanges..

1. So the other night I fell asleep with my face implanted into my man's armpit. It was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. It stirred up quite a few thoughts such as: "Oh my this is amazing-why do I not sleep with my face in his armpit every night?-I wonder if my face could break out from this?!-What do I care-My face breaks out regardless, it might as well be from smelling this wholesome goodness-Man, us girls got the shaft in the deodorant department. Is it weird I am going to always try to fall asleep like this from now on? Absolutely not. Dumb question Erin.."
Needless to say, it was amazing and highly recommended.

2. I'm just gonna say it-Casey Anthony is guilty. Guuuuiiillllttttyyyy. Can I get an amen?

3. Speaking of amen-I just decided each and every workplace should have a built-in day off work for every woman once a month. You know, to be used when "that time of the month" rolls around. Think of how much happier your office could be.
All in favor say I.

4. If I hear Ashley say the name "Bentely" one more time on the Bachelorette I might throw my TV out the window, yell that I am never going to watch this stupid show again...and then freak out that I just threw my TV out of the window-demand my husband fixes it immediately-and then profess my apologies to The Bachelorette for saying that I would never watch this trash again. Stupid show made it's way all the way around my little finger. I'm such a sucker for quality television.

5. Need to make pronto:
One of my best blogging buddies created this little puppy a week ago and inspired me to want to do the same. Love it. {No pun intended}. Wanna make your own? Click here.

6. A new button has been created. Word.
Feel free to use as you so desire.
And if your desire is to tell all your readers about how much you love me so that I can make it to 200 followers and purchase my dearly beloved camera {which will greatly enhance this blog} then so be it. I will not put up a fight. Just sayin.

7. I just went ape nuts on Etsy. Just wait til the goods come in and I can show em' off. Eeeeeeeek. My internal shopping nerves are bouncing off the walls right now in excitement. 
On the flip side, the man of the household now knows I just went ape nuts spending money.
Think before you write Erin, think.

8. Does anybody else find it a little bit ridiculous that cars are now coming equipped with live Facebook Newsfeed Updates? Seriously? Goodness gracious great balls of technology what is this world coming to? Although come to think about it-I have been wishing that the moment I stepped foot into my car I would be able to know what that person I said hi to once in middle school is doing right.this.instant.
Maybe good things will come out of this?

9. I think I have finally realized my posts are way too long 98% of the time. I may try to keep them a little shorter-still just as profound & insightful as always though ;).
No worries folks.

On that note, I guess I need to wrap up this little baby and seal it with a kiss.


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  1. I loooove smelling Wes's armpits too! I wonder who passed this armpit smelling trait on to us... mom or dad?

  2. love the headboard!!

    and please show your etsy goods!! cant wait to see what you purchased :)

  3. heheh awww..thanks for the shoutout!! :) I was smiling the wholeeeee sentence where I was mentioned...I feel like a celeb here on LIY!

    Do share those Etsy finds, stat!

  4. Not sure what contest you are participating in to win a camera at 200 followers, but I will be happy to follow! Just from what I viewed in a matter of 5 minutes, I think I would love reading about what you have to say!

  5. I have this saaaame problem with Ashley. What the hecK?! Bentley is stupid... move on GIRL!

    that being said, I have to watch tonight. haaaaave tooooooo.

  6. You are awesome and you make me laugh every time I read your blog. Well not out loud, but in my head. :) :)

    Love those colors on that bed....cool pillows! :)

  7. You are awesome and you make me laugh every time I read your blog. Well not out loud, but in my head. :) :)

    Love those colors on that bed....cool pillows! :)

  8. And by the way...I love my hubby's d.o. too! In fact I like it so much and it works so much better than mine, I switched to his. Was that tmi?


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