Miscellaney Monday

Happy Monday Chicken Littles.
Its Miscellaneous Time.
Woop Woop.
Let's get this party started...

1. I have dispelled any myths about Shellac nail polish and how it doesn't chip as well as you must use a special nail polish remover to get it off. All you have to do friends is slam your finger in a drawer to get the process started. Then you just have to build up long moments of boredom in which you can sit and peel for as long as possible. The result is this beautiful masterpiece:
Acetone nail polish remover, eat my shorts.

2. Dirt Road Anthem has been played so much in my car recently that I think the speakers no longer know how to sing anything else. I never knew such a thing was possible.
Well speaks, hope you like rollin' down a dirt road laid back swervin' like you're George Jones.
Listen to the song. You'll understand.

3. Have you ever seen this workout?
Well, now you have.
Have you ever tried it? {I am guessing if you have, you are no longer alive so the chances of me getting a comment from you is slim to none}.
 Anyhow, I might try it. And then I might die.
At least my legs will look good as I go down.

4. So I saw this on a blog that I love to read and had to share it on mine. It pretty much sums up my childhood conversations with my mother:
Ha, so funny. So true. Kinda.

5. This past Saturday night some friends and I had the brilliant idea of attending a wine festival/concert located on the beach. Unfortunately one of the cars in our group decided to act a fool and loose a brake pad.
Silly car.
So instead of the wine festival-we hung out on the side of the road for an hour & half with a million and two mosquito's-visited a gas station-and turned around to make the hour and a half trek back.
No wine. Just Vitamin Water.
And a dozen or so photos from the event.
Owner of the car: I still love you. I just hate your brake pad :)
PS. I totally had it spelled break pad. Thank you to my genuis elementary school spelling bee winning husband for correcting me. Braniac.

6. So a few Monday's back I said I had a new little direction for my bloggy blog that I was going to share with you all. Well guess what? That direction decided to go a little off the beaten path and I can't quite find it yet, that pesky little rascal. Once I find it and get my head fully wrapped around it, then it will be announced. Sorry kids. I spoke way before my brain was ready for me to speak. Fluent occurrence unfortunately.

7. A little bird just tweeted in my ear that there is going to be a giveaway on here tomorrow.
Say whaaaaaaaaaat?

8. Speaking of little birds named Tweety..I had one. And then on Valentines Day it decided to fly around our house...no big deal right? Wrong. This resulted in little Tweety flying directly into a corner of a wall which decapitated it's head.
Not only that but the head fell into my sister's hair where it swung back and forth for a couple of minutes before we officially pronounced it dead.
Apparently Tweety wasn't a fan of Valentines Day?

9. Speaking of decapitated heads, we once also had a cat that decided to jump into my fathers truck one morning. Bad news for the cat was that my dad happened to be slamming his door shut mid-jump, thus resulting in another one of our animals without a head. Ouch.
True story kids.
 So true that my sister even wrote a story about it when she was little which happened to be published in a local newspaper.
Pretty sure that had to be one of my father's lowest moments.

Well on that extremely morbid note, I am off to start my Monday.
Hope yours is full of love, laughter, and animals WITH heads.
Come back tomorrow ya heard?
You won't be sorry.

PS. Did any of you light up like the brightest bulb in the box last evening when you realized Miss USA was on TV? Me too.

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  1. happy monday pretty girl! i am obsessed with dirt road anthem too - and jason. he's so dreamy. haha.

    and boo the that brake pad - a wine festival sounds fabulous!!!

    have a good day girlie!

  2. Visiting from MM. :) Love the morbid child stories...we rode on the crazy train in my younger days, too! :)

  3. Giveaway? You fabulous blogger, you! Love the weekend pics.

  4. Hey there, I stopped over from Katie's blog, KC&CO..I love love love Dirt Road Anthem! Its my favorite!

    Have a great day!

  5. Just came across your blog a couple weeks ago and its my new fav. I think you are freaking hilarious....keep it up!

  6. We love Dirt Road Anthem in our car as well! :)

    That work out looks intense. You should come try Body Pump out sometime. We do a song for each area of the body we work on, which means 4-5 full minutes of squats and the same for lunges, not to mention the other parts!

  7. Erin, this post made me laugh out loud this morning! 1st laugh...the gangster picture! Made. My. Entire. Day that picture did! 3nd laugh...your story about your pet bird's decapitation. Laughed out loud hilarious!
    Thanks once again for the free entertainment!
    Off to watch the Bachelorette as i'm sure you are too!

  8. You seriously crack me up!! lol.

    The gangster post...I seriously have to share. Pulllleeeze!?

    Loving your blog!

  9. Ummm....how stinkin' cute are you?! Just stumbled across your bloggy courtesy of Shasta Anne. Two words...Love it! Sad I didn't stumble across you sooner. Now following...can't wait to read more!

    Check my bloggy out at http://taryn-leigh.blogspot.com.

    Happy Monday! (Thank G it's nearly over).

  10. You silly girl. Our bird's head did not FALL OFF in my hair! The bird flew into the wall and was brain damaged. It then flew into my hair, after flying sideways through the air because it was so disoriented. But- the image of the head falling off completely is pretty funny so we'll go with that :)


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