Miscellaney Monday

Welcome Back Scallywags.
{You can thank my friend who happened to just call me that for that one}
I think its kinda cute so I'm stickin with it.
It's Monday and we all know what that means...
Bachelorette baaaaabbbbyyyy.
Oh, and Miscellany Monday of course.
Ready for some major misco?
{I am guessing that is what miscellaneous is if you shortened it?}

1. So you may recall I've mentioned my want need for a new camera lately.
Hubs has put some laws in place on how I can obtain this little sucker.
1. Out beat him in our weight loss challenge we are kicking into high gear here soon.
Only downside about this is that this option takes work and I'm not so sure I'm diggin that  idea currently.
{Although I did send him away with a bag full of homemade chocolate chip cookies today as a sneaky little way to add a few pounds on him. And to think he thought I was being a sweet wife. Awww...you are so misled hunny bunches of oats}.
2. Save my own money.
Not happening.
Cute clothes keep getting in the way of that one.
And what I find to be the best and easiest option
3. Get 200 followers on this bad boy. I thought about being really lame and desperate and making a little button that looked like this:

But then I thought that might be really lame and desperate.
Thank God I didn't take the time to make it ;)

2. Speaking of husband, he does this thing where every time he sees a police officer while driving he instantly turns his radio down to complete silence.
Your guess is as good as mine kiddos.
So today, I am driving and along comes a police offer. What do I do?
Crank that baby up so high..just to see if I could get pulled over for a noise ordinance.
Moral of the story: Opposites really do attract...and police officers clearly are afraid of me.
No noise ordiance on this mirror rattling rebel.

3. I'm in the mood to crash a graduation open house.
Please let me know if you're interested as well.
We could get some mean chicken salad croissants and marble cake.

4. So last night I picked up a new hobby.
It is a little thing I like to call Geocaching.
Although we failed to find the prize,
I did get to experience my first pee in the woods {which I am just waiting for the poison ivy to show up at any time. That is going to be lovely},
realize my friend has a real career in imitating Huck Finn,
and witness a bird poop on another one of my dearly beloveds:

Good times, great memories.
Next time geocaching...I will find your hidden treasure.
If you don't know what this is, look it up.
And then go do it.
You will not be disappointed....errr, unless you're like us and have a big fail:

5. Am I shallow for putting on a full face of make-up and doing my hair to go lay out?
Are the consequences worth not being shallow?

6. Speaking of how pretty I am without make-up on, my face has decided to jump back to 7th grade all of a sudden.
 I'm overly annoyed and need your help.
Please leave me a comment telling me what face wash you use.
And I mean please...middle school is such a tough age to be stuck in.
Thank you.

7. I think I am going to have a kinda long and serious post coming up within the next couple of days.
Even weirder is I that I am a wee bit nervous about it.
Stick around for my seeeeecret.

8. Learned something new yesterday when baking cookies: Don't allow brown sugar to be sprinkled all over your dog. Picking those clumps out of their fur is more challenging than one would think.

On that note, I'm outta here.
Thanks for reading lovely lou lou's.

Have a fabulous Monday.

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  1. I have friends that are huge into geocaching. I'll have to find the secret from them on how to find the treasure.

    I'm chuckling about your opposite habits when you drive by a police officer. At least it's not speeding up versus slowing down. ;)

    Blessings on your monday.

  2. I'm totally in for geocaching next time

  3. Hey Erin! I had the same trouble and went to Camilla in Granger (over by white house black market and soho) and I use Mario Badescu face wash and moisturizer! I LOVE it! They will get you the "right" one for you I use one in the am and a different one in the pm and have for years and again I LOVE IT! Check it out :)

  4. OMGosh my face lately I want to seriously kill..I've never had acne and rarely break out and then this weekend I must've had an allergic reactions / rash / who knows just leave my face bumps all over and it is driving me insane!!!!!! It's almost gone though. Anyways, I use proactiv just because I'm paranoid and don't ever want to get acne. All Oil of Olay face washes are good too!

  5. Found your blog through Shasta Anne! Precious! Consider me your newest follower :)

  6. I never had acne problems before. THen, I turned 30 and it was more like I turned 13 in that department. So, I Finally found Neutrogena Stress Control. There are several different types of facial cleaners but I like the nighttime cleaning pads and then I can't remember which facial cleaner I use each morning... Works wonderfully!!!

  7. Hi! I am here from Shasta Anne.
    I have tried Geocaching...such fun!

  8. found you through MM...and i'll help bring you one follower closer to 200! geocaching is fun..more so when you find the treasure. folks can get pretty creative out there. #5 was hysterical. if there are not negative consequences, then by all means, go for it.

  9. Your blog makes me smile :) :) I have always have brake-out problems. But esp!! bad after baby #2....when I hit 27. Proactive baby! I have used it for 9 years and love it. Hardly ever do I have a break-out. And the best part is that there is a free 30 day trial. :)

  10. P.S. looking forward to the "long & serious" post.....

  11. your posts are just too darn funny. i tend to hold my breathe when near a cop haha. i think i'm going to have to check out this geocaching thing


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