{just.lovely.things} Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hey kiddos.
Thankfully my brain just reminded me that I need to pick one of you lucky chickens tonight for the

Thank you brain.
You always come through in the clutch.
Well, almost always.

Anyhow, lets get this party started...

And the winner is:

Lucky Number 82.
I had a feeling that was going to be it ;)

Congrats Jenna...

Now you can get that pretty face ruffle headband you want...wahooooo!

You have 5 days to claim your prize so scat.

Welp, salt & vinegar chips are now calling my name.

Better go answer em'.

Talk to ya'll tomorrow :)



  1. Thanks! I emailed you a couple days ago... just wanted to make sure you got it! I don't want to lose out on this prize!


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