An Indiana Girl On An Indiana Night..

Good Saturday afternoon to ya lovely little sugar snaps.
So here's the deal:
I took some pictures last evening, and thought to my self
"Self, you should probably document these on your blog to let the world see the amazingness that unfolds when you live in a small town."
So here we have it.
{Big city girls, eat your heart out}:

That would be an auction...not just any auction though. An auction auctioning off
Hand Painted Rain Barrels.
Two things here:
A. I just said the word auction more times in one breath than I've ever said the word auction in my life.
B. Yes, I said rain barrels friends.
Its the new thing.
Get yours while its hot. 
After getting jealous at the amazing auctioneers ability to rattle off words faster than who tied the pup, we ventured off to eat in a bar.
Not just any bar though.
A bar that serves popcorn as an appetizer.
Classy. And delicious.
And I'm totally not complaining because every kernel of that stuff left my taste buds begging for more. With no oblige, I gave into their every beg.
Once full from popcorn {and happy from our drinks}, we decided it was necessary to take a little walk to the nearest hot spot ice cream joint.
Along with everybody else and their mother.
And then pose for pictures.
Because word on the street is that the hottest spot to take pictures is in front of ice cream signs.
Except bad news is, not everybody was up for the challenge.
Once done posing and scaring little kids by asking them what flavor they were about to order {little punks need to loosen up},
I devoured every morsel of this pretty little lemon/peanut butter concoction.
Oh, and snapped a shot of me and my peanut butter lovin' husband in the car to add to our collection of 2928 pictures with this same pose.
I'm thinking someday when we are 85 I can make a nice little collage of em.
We need to stop being so original.
Last but not least, I proceeded to fall asleep by 10 pm in a sugar induced coma.
It was heavenly.
And that my friends, is a Friday night around these parts.
It's a glamourous life I tell ya...
But I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Bye Bye Birdies :)



  1. That sounds so fun! After living in a small town for the past few years I think I might prefer it to the city. I never thought that would happen!

  2. We were at 1st Friday too, even saw the rain barrels. We wanted ice cream from the Amish guy over by the bookstore but that line was ridiculous as well. We left unsatisfied in the frozen dessert area. :(

  3. Love me some small town life :)

  4. I finally made it into the blog in picture form, surely a day to remember.


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