Gettin' Dirty With My Husband...

You should be ashamed of yourself for just clicking on that title ;) 
It really isn't as exciting as it sounds, unless you like playing with dirt...
and if that is the case, than this is uber exciting. 

Some of you may recall my PMS induced post written over Memorial Day Weekend?
Well, for reasons listed in the sentence above, husband and I had to find a different way to have some "fun" over the holiday weekend.
{Have I mentioned yet that my husband is probably yelling at me or rolling his eyes in a major way at everything I have typed so far? Wimp}.
So what did we decide to do?
Build a firepit, that's what.
Guess you can say all that HGTV we watch is finally paying off.
So, we made our way to Menards and after much excitement, came home with this:
{No not just a car full of smiles...} What I more so meant was this:
Which led to me having to do a whole lot of this:
{Yes, that is a true face I made not just for the camera and I meant every bit of it}
Thankfully my arm muscles grew triple in size that night.
My hands on the other hand did not appreciate what I put them through.

While I did the above, my blue eyed bandit was in the garage lookin' fine as ever assembling the little ole' ring that goes in the middle of the pit.
And I'm drooling...

After the blood, sweat, and tears {Okay maybe just sweat}, my manly man got to town and performed the following:
I of course offered much moral support while snapping pictures.

Finally, all of the hard work led to wa-la:
Our brand spankin' new relaxing ring of fire.
...and some serious Johnny Cash tunes.

All in all, it was a fun activity and I love knowing that we did it together :)

No, but seriously the real point of this post is to let you know that if you would like one in your backyard we will kindly do it for you.
$300 an hour plus drinks are expected {skinny girl margaritas please?}
We'll only charge $200 ;)
I'm kidding kiddos..calm down.
I really have no desire to bust my booty in your yard..unless of course the margaritas will be present, in which case I may consider.

Real point of the post:
Go do something fun {and dirty} with your lover.
You may surprise yourself what the two of you are capable of when you combine forces.
Happy digging :)

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  1. hard and dirty work and you still look gorgeous!

  2. I want to put one in too, that looks awesome and super easy! (minus all of the hard work packing bricks, of course!) ; )

  3. LOVE your post, and your 'grumpy working' face :) you guys are too cute!! Thanks for linking up!

  4. 1. Can you please tell me what you do to get cut arms like you have?! Must. know. now.

    2. My husband and I have been talking about building a fire pit! You may have just given me the motivation to go thru with it. How much did everything end up costing??

    3. I love your blog, and your personality. we'd be great great friends {I predict}. hehe

  5. Erin,

    Your title did catch my eye as I was looking down my blog list. Only, after 20+ years of marriage, I did initially think you got dirty, the real stuff, because I think the practical rather than the romantic naturally at this phase. Thanks for reminding me we still are to think dirty with our husbands, way beyond the firepit!

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love it! So honest and funny! Can you tell me where you got your adorable yellow tank top with the ruffles? LOVE IT!

  7. You are so glam doing manual labor in the yellow ruffle shirt! I found your blog via la vie petite and it is very enjoyable, indeed.

  8. Your outfit choice for a day of working in the yard is cracking my up :-)

  9. We were looking to buy a new fire pit that has more of a table edge around it, but I'm starting to think a second row of pavers might be the way to go! Thanks for the inspiration!


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