Dear Nashville,

I know you deserve much more than this mushy gushy love note I am writing you, proclaiming my gratitude to you and your beautiful city for the countless memories that you provided me with, but this is all I have
{I hope it will do}.
How do I even begin to count the ways?
Let me try...

Thank you for the extreme heat which left me sweating out every morsel of liquid I had left in my body. This allowed me to have to take zero potty breaks all day long- thus allowing me to soak up every second of amazingness at all hours of the day.
It also allowed for a nice natural glow on my face in every single picture taken.

Thank you for the fabulous boutiques your city offers, which always has a way of capturing my checking accounts attention. My wardrobe will be forever grateful for the cute little dresses, jewelry, and heels that I bring home for it after every trip.

Thank you for helping me fulfill one of my Summer's goals of partaking in 3 random dance parties. I can now change that number to 2. I now properly know how to hatch out of an egg mid-dance and bring it into the middle for a nice chant of some sort.
Although, I am still weighing the pro's and con's of the whole staying up til 5 am thing to do all of the above.

Thank you for the fancy schmancy meals you provided for me and my stomach while we strolled the streets of your downtown area.
I have never stuck a bigger dog in my mouth than this bad boy.

Thank you for the nice display of outfits that I enjoyed by fellow concert goers.
Only you Nashville, only you.

Thank you for reiterating the fact that I am head over heels in love lust with Keith Urban-
his voice, his hair, his face, his smirk, his body, his crowd running ability, you name it,
I love it.
Now if only you could provide me with some one on one time for that serenade I am waiting for.
Next time Nashy.

Thank you for the OceanSpray street exhibit which allowed me to step into a bin of cranberries barefoot. It might've been the coolest thing I have ever done in my life.
I hope my bathtub is ready for the fun it is about to receive..{except hopefully in my bathtub I won't look like the million pounds that I do in the picture below}.

Thank you also for the prime booty photo-op displays that decorated your downtown streets. Me & Jason Aldean's booties thank you.  

Thank you for the amazing artists that flourished in your city all day and all night.
They allowed me the opportunity to dance at any given moment, cheer my brains out after every single song {which I am having a hard time letting go of...My woo's belt out and arms shoot up instinctively after every song I hear still, oops} and they also led me cry like a little baby also because of their incredible voices.
Yes-you made me cry suckers. Especially you Martina. Darn you and your beautiful self.

Thank you most of all for the time you gave me with my two besties in the entire world. These two are irreplaceable and absolutely light up my life. The past 96 hours with them will never be forgotten, always cherished, and forever remembered as the best consecutive 4 days of my life.
I love you two more than you will ever know.

Nashville, It's true...

I love you,
Forever & Always...
Can't wait to see you again where I can frolic & play the Nashville way.
Your {wannabe} Southern Bell & Country Star,



  1. Yayyy! SO glad you had such a fun time here in Nashvegas! :)

    And yes...you see allllllll sorts around this town! lol.

    Love your pictures! :)


  2. Ahhhhhh... alll thoseee shoesssss!!! :)))))

  3. Ok, what store has all those super cute wedges?! Love them!!! You look adorable in all those pictures..I love that white top on you, very cute! Nashville is one of the places I haven't been but really want to.

    Did Keith play "Without you" that song reminds me of my hubs. xo


  4. Love this post! I live in very close to Nashville. My favorite part of the post was the Jason Aldean cutout.....in case you didnt know he is my secret boyfriend! ha!


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