Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Hola amigos and amigettes.
Yes, I realize amigettes is probably not a word but how much cuter is that than amiga?
I think I might start adding "ette" to the end of every word wordette.
Yes, yes I will.
K enough about my new amazingette language I just made up-time for the real point of this baby:
1. The BMOC (big man on campus for those who aren't accustomed to acronyms) and I made a 30 minute trek the other night to do some shopping returning of birthday gifts.
During that measly 30 minutes we had the pleasure of seeing this:
and this:
This my friends, is why it is a mandatory life rule that you must have a camera within your reach at all times. 
If I wouldn't have it how in the world would I show my stylist what I am trying to accomplish for my summer do'?
And auwww don't you love little boxer nose art? Goochy Goo.
Precious. And totally classy. And dirt on your windows?!? Noooo....clearly just nose art.
2. A 7 year old told his father he thought I was pretty
{poor kid must need an eye appointment ;)..}
and his father responded with "Keep it in your pants."
Did you catch the part that the kid is 7?
And the part that his father said "keep it in your pants?"
K, that's all.
3. The other week I was walking along the side of our house where our neighbor also happened to be planting a plant or something wild like that. In the midst of my pass by-I happened to hear a loud release of gas from said neighbor. I instantly freak because well, that is what I do-and notice that he has headphones in and was oblivious to the fact that I was behind him. All that being said I took the mature route out and sprinted to the front of the house to find my husband and laugh my head off at the above situation.
I am so blessed to have oblivious gassy neighbors.
1. So I continue to hit the shopping jackpot.
Please fall in love with this bracelet with me {Compliments of Miss Chic}.
Too bad I fell in love first suckers.
 On top of that fancy be-dazzler, I also found a few of these goodies:
Earrings {also Miss Chic}, Sunglasses {Old Navy}, Nail Polish {Free @ a Bridal Shower},
Gangsta Peace Sign {Learned on the street}.
2. Allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to my weekends:
That my friends would be a 12-15 person float, equipped with individual seating,
an area in the middle to dangle your feet in the water,
cup holders,
built in coolers {and additional room for a real cooler if that just doesn't cut it},
all of which can all be pulled behind a pontoon.
You now know why this fell under the awesome category.
3. Restaurant Coffee. It is just so stinkin' good. Not sure if it's due to the fact that somebody else brewed it for me or that I am sitting across the table from either my lover or best friend drinking it, but whatever it is-it tickles my tummy every time.
4. I learned how to make my first Mojito this past weekend. Even more awesome is that I learned how to do so with a preggo bellied girl. She only had 2 drinks so don't worry.
And by that I mean 2 too many.
Or 0.
Newsflash: She happens to be carrying my unborn adorable sweet as sugar niece.
I'm a little bit in love already :) With her and the mojito of course.
Well, that was fun kids.
Until next time...
{which we all know will be tomorrow}
I love you kitten britches.
Lets be honest, I hate kittens.
But I do love britches.
And I love my sister even more for calling my niece that name so I could share it with you all.
I am such a copy cat.
Link Link Link it up.
Please use my Awkward & Mispelled AWSOME button on the side bar to post on your bloggy.
Have I ever mentioned that I didn't go to college?
Ya, apparently that is where they teach you how to spell commonly used adjectives.
Come to think about it, I am not sure the word awesome is even an adjective?
Better hit the school of Google...
Bye Bye Britches.
Thankfully I didn't forget the R in that word like I did the E in Awesome.
Yikes, that could've been bad.



  1. Love this....well not the biker or dog nose art so much but def the raft!!

  2. i love thursdays....just for these posts!! and if it makes you feel any better....i did go to college. and majored in english and i still misspell commonly used words. on the daily. yo. and why can't i ever find fabulous stuff at old navy??? most of the time, the one at ours just leaves me wondering why the heck i bothered to come in at all. maybe YOU should just shop for me. and pay. ;)

  3. I LINKED UP!!!

    hehe :) hope you like it! PS-our friend has one of those big flotation devices to party on at the lake..it is the best invention ever. AWESOMEEEE!!


  4. could I look any fatter!!! this is why I don't take pics of myself while pregnant at the end....Oh wait I still have 3 months left!!!

  5. as always - your posts make me laugh out loud and smile! thank you for that, girl!!! hope you have a most fabulous day lady!!!!

  6. You are so funny!!! I am just cruisin' on by from another blog! :)

    I love that you are using the mis-spelled blog button. That rocks my world.

    And the "keep it in your pants" comment ... Whoa. So wrong, yet wonderful blog material.

  7. Your posts make me happy. That's all.

  8. Ok. You really need to attach your email to your comments so I can email you back!!

    And then? I can also say "omg, you're a Hoosier, too?!" What part? I promise not to stalk you!

  9. That raft is BY FAR the coolest thing I have ever seen! And I love your dress in the last picture!

  10. love (as per usual)! you are so close to 200 followers---yay, camera!


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