Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Woooooo-ie this week has flown by.
Fyi, I just placed flown in italics to give it a wind blown look.
Or a "flown" look you could say.
I was a little paranoid going in to today that I was going to be limited on things to talk about in today's post, but bam-I was quickly reminded of all things awkward and awesome in my life.
 All is well.
Do you want to see what I have in store for you little piglets today?
Another fyi-I loooove piglets, so please take that as a compliment and forget about the fact that they smell, are chubby, and have weird hairs all over them.
Totally did not have those thoughts when I called you one.
Moving on...


1. Spilling Vanilla Caramel tea all over my desk at work and delighting in the fact that it just happened. Why? I can now secretly sniff my desk whenever I need a vanilla/caramel fix.
And sniffing I've been doing.
Come to think about it, I don't know how this just ended up in the awkward category when clearly I think it is awesome?

2. This family photo:
Please take 3 minutes out of your day to sit and laugh at the above.
Thank you.
Continue on now...

3. Wanna play "lets see who can spot the man sitting in a bush with camo shorts on"?
Clearly I dominate at this game.
Better luck next time sir.

4. Seeing somebody in a store who appears to be choking so you run to their aid to perform the Heimlich remover. While this is a great way to show off how awesome of a citizen you are-it is not so great when the person you are leashed on to is not actually choking-
they are just out of breath from the hot coffee that was spilled on them.
Surprisingly enough, this story is not based on something that I did-but a family friend.
Thank God for show-off Heimlich giving friends.


1. So I know I am breaking blogger code by speaking of the same item two posts in a row, but guess who doesn't really care about breaking "codes" ;)
That would be me.
And what is the rule breaker?
This little pretty bottle right here:
It's my new obsession.
Husband thinks it is the worst tasting stuff in the world but I think it is because he is secretly jealous he can't be a skinnygirl.
Margs with like hardly any calories, agave nectar tequila, and a frosted pretty bottle...
How could you possibly go wrong?
You can't.
I'm raising a glass in your honor as we speak.
Cheers :)

2. Speaking of jealous skinnygirl husband, he called me a maniac chicken nugget
today through text.
Pretty sure that is the cutest nickname I've ever been called.
Only downside is it made me have an instant craving for Chick-Fil-A and no possible way to fill it. Fail.
Oh well, I am still eating up every bit of my new name.
No pun intended.

3. My $3 garage sale dress {that I happened to purchase from a blogging buddy}:
Except, I tried to get all cutsie and have my hands in the pocket while putting one leg up like the big timers do, which caused me to fall forward mid-picture.
Please enjoy:
Double perk?
I now get mistaken for a flight attendant which totally allows me to bust out my stellar flight attendant hand signals I have been practicing for years.
I knew those years of hard work would pay off one day.

4. So last evening I got to participate in Trivia night which is typically an all boys event.
Either husband really has missed spending time with me lately or considers me one of the boys?
Either way, I was responsible for the 2nd place finish we finished in.
Boo yah trivia go-ers.
It was my love for San Diego and lack of hearing what other team members were trying to get me to write down that scored us the number 2 spot.
Good job horrible hearing ears.
Who knew writing 30 million instead of 3 million like I was supposed to was the extra push we needed?
On another note, there happened to be a really {really} loud obnoxious intoxicated gentleman sitting next to us who decided to announce to the whole restaurant that I had to be the weakest link.
This may or may not have caused my middle finger to shoot up at him.
He saw-called me a few select curse words-and continued to make a fool of himself.
Let's meet him shall we?
 Overall it was a successful night.
Lesson learned: Talk crap and you'll end up on my blog.
Please start calling me Taylor.
As in Swift.

Welp, there we have it nutter butters.
Another week of A&A under my belt.
Which reminds me, it is officially change out of my pants and slip into pjs time.
Have I ever told you that is the absolute best time of the day?
Maybe someday if you are lucky you will see my ultra sexy footed full-body pjs.

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Happy Thursday loves.



  1. you absolutely crack me up! the flight attendant comment made me laugh as i remembered a friend of mine in college who would do a flight attendant routine every time he got drunk. shocked when he came out of the closet??? nope! but it was funny every single time :) also, i LOVE me some trivia game time. but my husband won't allow me to participate in anything competitive because apparently i get mean. i MIGHT have hit a first grader in the face during VBS the other week during dodgeball. but hey, i had the ball and she was taunting me! so there's my awkward ;) (the awesome part?? i ended up winning the game! so what if it was against a bunch of 7 year olds. a win is a win!!) and super sorry for the crazy long comment. i have to "off" button.

  2. hahaha that family photo in the tree is hysterical. If I were to put all my old school pictures on here, they would all fall under the awkward/AWFUL section!! I love reading these posts!

  3. Just came across your blog recently and am your newest follower :)

    This post cracks me up! Two things: I bought a similar dress recently, but more of a khaki color, with 2 pockets on the front at the top. My husband told me I looked like I was going on a safari. It will be returned today.
    Second, I am also a new fan of SkinnyGirl Margarita, but my husband secretly loves it! I catch him stealing sips from my glass all the time. I must admit, I was slightly bummed on Sunday night when I realized that drinking an entire bottle by myself probably takes away from the whole "skinny girl" aspect of it.

    Anywho, loved your post :)

  4. what a super funny post! love it! that photo of the fam cracked me up.

  5. "Please call me Taylor. As in Swift" = HILARIOUS!
    Looooove Skinnygirl Margarita - I heard she's coming out with sangria soon, too which equals much excitement for me. Not so much excitement for the husband ;)


  6. Fabulous! As is your blog :) Can't wait to keep reading!

  7. I love your blog! You constantly crack me up! :)

  8. Oh My goodness you are hysterical! I just stumbled upon this little gem that is your blog and I love it! I might have to link up for awkward and awesome thursdays, because lord knows I am super awkward and have a blind date coming up awkward city!!!!

  9. Oh My goodness you are hysterical! I just stumbled upon this little gem that is your blog and I love it! I might have to link up for awkward and awesome thursdays, because lord knows I am super awkward and have a blind date coming up awkward city!!!!


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