Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Hola amigos and amigettes.
Yes, I realize amigettes is probably not a word but how much cuter is that than amiga?
I think I might start adding "ette" to the end of every word wordette.
Yes, yes I will.
K enough about my new amazingette language I just made up-time for the real point of this baby:
1. The BMOC (big man on campus for those who aren't accustomed to acronyms) and I made a 30 minute trek the other night to do some shopping returning of birthday gifts.
During that measly 30 minutes we had the pleasure of seeing this:
and this:
This my friends, is why it is a mandatory life rule that you must have a camera within your reach at all times. 
If I wouldn't have it how in the world would I show my stylist what I am trying to accomplish for my summer do'?
And auwww don't you love little boxer nose art? Goochy Goo.
Precious. And totally classy. And dirt on your windows?!? Noooo....clearly just nose art.
2. A 7 year old told his father he thought I was pretty
{poor kid must need an eye appointment ;)..}
and his father responded with "Keep it in your pants."
Did you catch the part that the kid is 7?
And the part that his father said "keep it in your pants?"
K, that's all.
3. The other week I was walking along the side of our house where our neighbor also happened to be planting a plant or something wild like that. In the midst of my pass by-I happened to hear a loud release of gas from said neighbor. I instantly freak because well, that is what I do-and notice that he has headphones in and was oblivious to the fact that I was behind him. All that being said I took the mature route out and sprinted to the front of the house to find my husband and laugh my head off at the above situation.
I am so blessed to have oblivious gassy neighbors.
1. So I continue to hit the shopping jackpot.
Please fall in love with this bracelet with me {Compliments of Miss Chic}.
Too bad I fell in love first suckers.
 On top of that fancy be-dazzler, I also found a few of these goodies:
Earrings {also Miss Chic}, Sunglasses {Old Navy}, Nail Polish {Free @ a Bridal Shower},
Gangsta Peace Sign {Learned on the street}.
2. Allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to my weekends:
That my friends would be a 12-15 person float, equipped with individual seating,
an area in the middle to dangle your feet in the water,
cup holders,
built in coolers {and additional room for a real cooler if that just doesn't cut it},
all of which can all be pulled behind a pontoon.
You now know why this fell under the awesome category.
3. Restaurant Coffee. It is just so stinkin' good. Not sure if it's due to the fact that somebody else brewed it for me or that I am sitting across the table from either my lover or best friend drinking it, but whatever it is-it tickles my tummy every time.
4. I learned how to make my first Mojito this past weekend. Even more awesome is that I learned how to do so with a preggo bellied girl. She only had 2 drinks so don't worry.
And by that I mean 2 too many.
Or 0.
Newsflash: She happens to be carrying my unborn adorable sweet as sugar niece.
I'm a little bit in love already :) With her and the mojito of course.
Well, that was fun kids.
Until next time...
{which we all know will be tomorrow}
I love you kitten britches.
Lets be honest, I hate kittens.
But I do love britches.
And I love my sister even more for calling my niece that name so I could share it with you all.
I am such a copy cat.
Link Link Link it up.
Please use my Awkward & Mispelled AWSOME button on the side bar to post on your bloggy.
Have I ever mentioned that I didn't go to college?
Ya, apparently that is where they teach you how to spell commonly used adjectives.
Come to think about it, I am not sure the word awesome is even an adjective?
Better hit the school of Google...
Bye Bye Britches.
Thankfully I didn't forget the R in that word like I did the E in Awesome.
Yikes, that could've been bad.



Wishin' & Lovin'

So the other night I was grilling and I got a dose of blogger inspiration.
Funny where inspiration comes from sometimes right?
Anyhow I was cookin' up some chicken for moi, and some smelly piece of salmon for my man.
While I was gagging at the thought of the fish that was before my eyes I thought
"I wish I actually liked fish....but I love that I am head over heels for chicken.
Especially Chick-fil-a chicken.."
And that is when it hit me:
I need to do a series of  "Wishin' & Lovin" 

You see, wishing for things is not a bad thing.
It can motivate you-inspire you-change you...BUT..
too much wishing and not enough appreciating what you have can lead to a bad thing.
And that is where the Lovin' part comes in.

I want to think about things I wish for-but on the contrary, love the things/actions/that make me me.

Got it?

So expect to see this whole little series as a link-up party from here on out.
They can be serious-silly-random-whatever you want.
Just have fun with it.

And I'm thinking maybe this post will happen on Wednesdays.

Oh and hey-maybe someday you'll look back and some of those wishes will be a reality...
and even if they aren't, you will discover your loves along the way =)

I wish that I couldn't eat a whole bag of chips in one setting...but I love the crunch and saltiness of each and every chip that touches my tongue and the satisfaction that my belly feels afterwards.

{Good chance my baby will come out just like this. Creepy? Maybe. Happy in Chip Heaven. Absolutely.}

I wish I wasn't such a spontaneous shopper and gave a little more thought to each item that I purchase..but I love that I don't over analyze every decision and talk myself out of things that I would later regret not doing.

I wish that I had hair I could leave curly for a day if I felt like being lazy {or just to look like a cute curly haired girl}...but I love that it only takes me a few swipes of the straightener to have it look "done".

Yeah..I could totally go for those curls.

I wish I could sing like a superstar...but I love that I can give my husband and I a good laugh every morning in the bathroom at how foolish I sound and how extremely off key I am.

I wish that I didn't spill my coffee and tea more mornings than not..but I love that it no longer phases me or even puts a damper on my day. I've learned to just roll with it. And I am completely capable of having children now. Because I am sure that's all that it takes right-the ability to clean up spills?

{Good morning spill, nice to see you have decided to make your morning appearance}

There you have it friends and foe.
And by that I mean friends.
Simple right?

Now it's time to join the party.
Link up your "Wishin' & Lovin'"post below.
Put this button either on your sidebar or in your post.

And that's it.
Easy as pie.
Which reminds me..I should probably go buy one and then write about next week that I wish I didn't eat a whole pie.
One must do things to supply themselves with blogging material correct?
Whole pie here I come ;)

Adios lover beans.

PS. If you don't have a blog to link up-you can still leave a comment with something that you wish but you love ;) Try it. It will be fun..promise.

PPS. Remember on Monday how I said I am shortening my posts? FAIL.


Party Like It's 1984.

So somebody very special has a birthday in our household today.
No, not my dog.
This guy:
 {And for all practical purposes, I am referring to him as Sugar Cakes today}
Happy Birthday Sugar Cakes!
I hope that your 9,855th day of your life is all that it is cracked up to be and more.
I am so excited to celebrate your existence this evening.
I Love You Boo.
PS. Lord knows that I had the most difficult time shopping for you this time around.
I promise after we return all of the unnecessary and not appropriately sized items I bought you-
we will get ya somethin' good.
Apparently my gift buying skills have left the building.
PPS. Speaking of my lack of gifts-A dear friend of mine told me that I should surprise you with a baby for your birthday.
Then I remembered I would have to have one in my belly to do that, and well guess what?
There was nothin' there.
Guess I'll have to work on that one for next year.
May need your help though.
Just sayin ;)
PPPS. If ya'll want to leave some birthday love for my man please do so.
And by that I mean strictly leaving a comment.
Any extra love and I may have to come after you ;)
But seriously-that would be sweet of you. Almost as sweet as the cake I am about to eat.
{And maybe this will have him overlook the fact that I sucked at buying presents?}
{A little pre-birthday celebration last evening with our new favorite food group-Cake Pops}



Miscellaney Monday

{I have been waiting months to say that and finally found an applicable time}.
Rise n' shine Sleepy Beepies.
It's Monday-time to get these little fingers of mine back into bloggin' mode.
Take it away flanges..

1. So the other night I fell asleep with my face implanted into my man's armpit. It was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. It stirred up quite a few thoughts such as: "Oh my this is amazing-why do I not sleep with my face in his armpit every night?-I wonder if my face could break out from this?!-What do I care-My face breaks out regardless, it might as well be from smelling this wholesome goodness-Man, us girls got the shaft in the deodorant department. Is it weird I am going to always try to fall asleep like this from now on? Absolutely not. Dumb question Erin.."
Needless to say, it was amazing and highly recommended.

2. I'm just gonna say it-Casey Anthony is guilty. Guuuuiiillllttttyyyy. Can I get an amen?

3. Speaking of amen-I just decided each and every workplace should have a built-in day off work for every woman once a month. You know, to be used when "that time of the month" rolls around. Think of how much happier your office could be.
All in favor say I.

4. If I hear Ashley say the name "Bentely" one more time on the Bachelorette I might throw my TV out the window, yell that I am never going to watch this stupid show again...and then freak out that I just threw my TV out of the window-demand my husband fixes it immediately-and then profess my apologies to The Bachelorette for saying that I would never watch this trash again. Stupid show made it's way all the way around my little finger. I'm such a sucker for quality television.

5. Need to make pronto:
One of my best blogging buddies created this little puppy a week ago and inspired me to want to do the same. Love it. {No pun intended}. Wanna make your own? Click here.

6. A new button has been created. Word.
Feel free to use as you so desire.
And if your desire is to tell all your readers about how much you love me so that I can make it to 200 followers and purchase my dearly beloved camera {which will greatly enhance this blog} then so be it. I will not put up a fight. Just sayin.

7. I just went ape nuts on Etsy. Just wait til the goods come in and I can show em' off. Eeeeeeeek. My internal shopping nerves are bouncing off the walls right now in excitement. 
On the flip side, the man of the household now knows I just went ape nuts spending money.
Think before you write Erin, think.

8. Does anybody else find it a little bit ridiculous that cars are now coming equipped with live Facebook Newsfeed Updates? Seriously? Goodness gracious great balls of technology what is this world coming to? Although come to think about it-I have been wishing that the moment I stepped foot into my car I would be able to know what that person I said hi to once in middle school is doing right.this.instant.
Maybe good things will come out of this?

9. I think I have finally realized my posts are way too long 98% of the time. I may try to keep them a little shorter-still just as profound & insightful as always though ;).
No worries folks.

On that note, I guess I need to wrap up this little baby and seal it with a kiss.


For More Randomness:



Crystelle Chic Winner

Happy Sunday Lovely Lous.
It is time to make the grand ole' announcement of who is taking home the prize of
$25 store credit to Crystelle Chic.
Somebody is about to be a lucky duck...

And that lucky duck happens to be:

Congratulations Jessie!
Email me at
livinginyellow@gmail.com to claim  your prize.

I am off to go fill these plates with food and spend some quality time with family :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sundays?

Can't wait to talk tomorrow ;)



Meet & Greet With Alexandra Rose {And a Discount}

Hiya friends.
So guess what happened to me this week?
I made a new friend and I am pretty darn excited about it.
Because word on the street is making new friends is the cool thing to do these days.
And the second word is that when you make new friends, you brag on em' a little bit, and then introduce them to the rest of your friends so they can be buddy buddy with your new friend too.
So waa-la.
Introducing Alex from Alexandra Rose Boutique.
Cute stuff am I right?
Not only does she have a charming little family, she also owns her own business.
Hence the "boutique" I mentioned earlier.
Let me show ya her skills.
Her goods are {almost} as cute as her and can all be found here.
Psssst....wait til you get to the bottom.
I may have a little surprise for you that will come in handy ;)

I think it's time we get to know Alex a little better dontcha think?
Hmm..looky there.
I happen to have an interview with her :)

1. When was Alexandra Rose Boutique born and what inspired you to start your business?
I started selling my items locally in November of 2010. A wonderfully talented and amazing friend of mine, Heather, of {just.lovely.things} along with my super supportive hubby encouraged me to start selling my items at a local holiday crafters market. I had a really good time and got amazing feedback, so I set a goal to open up an online shop, and on March 1, 2011...I did! I started sewing once I had a baby, so my initial inspiration was definitely geared toward baby items and creating cute things I couldn't find in stores. Now I'm having fun branching out to zippered pouches, tote bags and coin purses....there's so much more I want to do!
2. What is your favorite item in your store?
Right now I'm totally loving the ruffled zippy pouches for me, and the taggie blankets for all the littles out there...seriously people, you should not be leaving your house without either of these things.
3. Aside from your business and blog, what other activities fill your day?
I'm a wife and a mommy to a busy 21 month old boy, and in addition, I work part time at a local preschool. Honestly, between taking care of the house, my hubby and baby, squeezing in time for crafting and blogging, I don't have time for a whole lot. BUT, when I do get time, I love heading down to our local farmer's market, hiking, going to the river and enjoying time with my family!
4. What is favorite summer dish to delight in?
If you know me at all, the completely obvious answer here is ice cream {I may have an addiction}, but I eat that all year round, so that doesn't really count. I don't know if I have a favorite dish, but I do love me a summer BBQ {but I'm also vegetarian, which also gets tricky} but Costco sells the most amazingly delish black bean burgers and they taste amazing on the 'Que.
5. If you had no fears, what would you do today?
Bring home a pet spider and snake and then take both of them bungee jumping and sky diving ;)
Well wasn't that fun?
Thank you Alex for sharing with us curious cats :)

...Now the treat for you folks reading.
Alex was kind enough to share the love and give you a discount at her store.
All you have to do is enter LIVING15 when checking out to receive
15% off your entire order.
You lucky devils.

So head on over-do some shopping-and then have the most spectacular weekend of your life.

Maybe next week we can have a competition to see who purchased the cutest ruffle pouch?
I'm game.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Sweet mother of pearl it's Thursday.
Which is almost Friday.
Which is almost the weekend.
Hallelujah. Let the angels rejoice.
I'm gettin' straight into things today k?
Lets go.


1. So some {or all} of you may be aware of the vinyl lettering you can put on your walls, right?
Nice little words like Live, Laugh, Love...a big butterfly in a girls bedroom, or maybe Welcome in your entryway. All completely normal and not creepy what-so-ever.
A woman who shall remain nameless but might've given birth to to me decided she would like a nice little saying over her bed.
You can imagine me and my sister's reaction when she announced 
 "I want to put Spread Kindness above our bed!"
Picture with me if you will:
And then picture your reaction to walking into a strangers bedroom and seeing the word "spread" right above their bed.
Thankfully we talked her out of that idea.
I don't need to know who is spreadin' what in any bed.

2. So my sister once had a dog. And the dog let out really bad gas on occasion. And by occasion I mean very frequently. One of those times another male who shall remain nameless {hint: has grey hair and I wrote a post to him a few days back} happened to be standing directly behind the dog when this occurred. Unfortunately, the male inhaled on accident-sucking every ounce of dog stank into his mouth. This then turned into the male bolting out my front door and vomiting repeatedly in my front yard.
Picture with me if you will:
I made the executive decision to leave a male vomiting in a front yard due to a dog's fart off my blog today.
Maybe tomorrow that will seem a little more normal?

3. Walking into Chipotle, standing in line for a solid 10 minutes, smiling to those around me, and chatting it up with the person creating my wonderful masterpiece-all while looking like this:
No, that is not a pimple about to make it's grand appearance as it may appear.
It is a piece of fig newton that I happened to be feeding to my niece prior to walking into Chipotle.
Figgy-hope you remember the good ole' saying about paybacks.
Consider yourself warned.

4. The other day I was partaking in one of my favorite work time activities-
downing a 6 pack of whole grain crackers with cheddar cheese.
Those wandering little cracker crumbs decided to make their way down between my two lady friends. So I went fishing for those crumbs and mid-cast, a co-worker decided to walk by.
We made eye contact-my arm was down the front of my shirt-and it was awkward.
End of story.


1. Finally my brain decided to go on a date with ideas for my blog.
It's a new little link-up party I am going to do that will be entitled "I wish..but I love"
Lucky for you-you have no idea what that means yet.
Suspense is killer.
TBR soon.
Which totally stands for To Be Revealed in case you didn't catch on.

Like me over on the sidebar would ya?
Thanks, I like you too ;)

3. So that same little fig newton eating niece of mine had her first experience in Chick-fil-a this past week. She bawked like a chicken the whole time she was in there.
If you don't recall I have a massive love for Chick-fil-a {read here}.
Needless to say, I have never been more proud of that little girl and have decided that bawking is now necessary whenever stepping foot on a Chick-fil-a premises.
Genius idea Claire. Genius.

4. This:
Holy moma.
My world has been changed forever with that little bowl.
It was a challenge for me not to lick it when picking it off the shelves at Target.
Oh precious little mac & cheese, I can't wait to put you in your new home.

5. The fact that you still have 3 days to enter the Crystelle Chic giveaway.
Do so by clicking here.
$25 for free?
No brainer if you ask me.

6. Another fact: I am now done writing this post and get to move on to much bigger and better items on my agenda-like scratching my husbands head and drinking hot tea.
It's pretty normal in these parts.
Wanna come join in on the fun?
We can act like we are in elementary school and check for lice for one another.
It's really pretty enjoyable.
Act like those moments weren't the highlight of your younger days..

If you want to linky-loo today feel free.
Your pretty cool if you do..
just sayin.
Just fill out that little form below and put this button either in your post or on your sidebar.
And don't break the rules...
I've been working out lately and I would hate to have to introduce you to the enormously big muscles that I've formed.

K, peace out lover beans :)



Best {Love} Advice Ever

Shawn-Thank you for choosing me.
I love loving you.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Ps. Thank you to Sydney over at The Daybook for this little nugget of wisdom.
I'll hold on to it forever :)



Crystelle Chic Giveaway

It's my favorite time of the month.
Giveaway time baaaabbbbaaay.
And no, I'm not giving away babies.
I opted for something a little more manageable and less fussy:
That's right.
$25 buckaroos to spend in one of my favorite Etsy stores, Crystelle Chic.
Look at her goods:
I am dying over that birdie beanie right above.
In fact, my unborn {and un-conceived} child is going to own it in .2 seconds after I am done writing this post.
Lucky unborn child.
Lets get to meet Crystelle shall we?
{How cute are they?!?}

1. When did you start Crystelle Chic and what inspired you to do so?
Crystelle Chic officially launched Thanksgiving 2010. I've always been pretty crafty and love making my own beautiful creations on a budget. I dreamed of selling the earrings and crocheted hats I was making as gifts for friends and family, but I thought doing so would take too much time away from my daughter and husband while working full-time at an office job. My husband graduated nursing school and became an operating room nurse the summer of '09 so when my son was born that December I was able to quit my job and become a full-time mommy. After recovering a few months from sleep deprivation and a failed attempt of selling under a different name, I regrouped and started again with a new name and a better idea of what I was doing. Just in the last few months I have met so many inspiring women in the blog world that have encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible.
2. Aside from your business and blog-what other activities fill up your day?
My kids take up most of my time. My daughter, Caitlyn or Caitie, will be 4 in September and is in ballet once a week. She is smart and sweet and provides me with fairly stimulating conversation throughout the day. My son, Sam, is 18 months a is a walking tornado. He loves chaos and my house is usually a mess with toys from end of the house the other. So between feeding them, wiping noses and bottoms, laundry and dishes, I can usually crochet a little throughout the day, but like most crafty sahm's, most of my work is done at night after my kids go to bed. During the summer we hang out a lot in the back yard or head to a water spray park and once a week I meet up with other mom's to hang out, encourage each other and pray together. One of the highlights of my week is when my best friend, Jena, comes over on Friday nights and we share a bottle of wine and watch Bones together.
3. Would you rather have filet mignon or Mac and cheese?
Mac and Cheese, hands down! And not even that fancy stuff they sell now, just the plain old powdered kind for me. Though, I do like mine with ketchup. I know that can be fairly controversial and my husbands says I'm weird, but I've always eaten it that way. Yum!
4. What are your favorite color combos right now?
I recently discovered how fun and beautiful yellow is. I had a request for yellow colored earrings and before then I had NEVER bought a bead in that shade, but I paired it with a beautiful teal blue and fell in LOVE. It's so summery and cheerful.
5. One thing you want to accomplish this summer?
I really want to start blogging at least once a week. I'd love to have a follower-worthy blog by the end of summer with fun tips, giveaways and just my craziness put out there for the world.
So here's how you enter to win:
1. Be a follower of Living In Yellow {Mandatory}
2. Leave a comment letting me know what item(s) you would pick out from Crystelle Chic if you won
3. Follow Crystelle's blog here
4. Like Crystelle Chic on Facebook
5. Like Living in Yellow on Facebook {It's official, I started one. As in today. Whoa}
6. Repost about this giveaway and/or have this button on your blog:

That is 6 possible entries. Never say I didn't give you a chance ;)
..Leave a separate comment for each item that you do please!
Winner will be selected and announced on Sunday, June 26th.
Happy winning sweet peas.



Miscellaney Monday

Happy Monday Chicken Littles.
Its Miscellaneous Time.
Woop Woop.
Let's get this party started...

1. I have dispelled any myths about Shellac nail polish and how it doesn't chip as well as you must use a special nail polish remover to get it off. All you have to do friends is slam your finger in a drawer to get the process started. Then you just have to build up long moments of boredom in which you can sit and peel for as long as possible. The result is this beautiful masterpiece:
Acetone nail polish remover, eat my shorts.

2. Dirt Road Anthem has been played so much in my car recently that I think the speakers no longer know how to sing anything else. I never knew such a thing was possible.
Well speaks, hope you like rollin' down a dirt road laid back swervin' like you're George Jones.
Listen to the song. You'll understand.

3. Have you ever seen this workout?
Well, now you have.
Have you ever tried it? {I am guessing if you have, you are no longer alive so the chances of me getting a comment from you is slim to none}.
 Anyhow, I might try it. And then I might die.
At least my legs will look good as I go down.

4. So I saw this on a blog that I love to read and had to share it on mine. It pretty much sums up my childhood conversations with my mother:
Ha, so funny. So true. Kinda.

5. This past Saturday night some friends and I had the brilliant idea of attending a wine festival/concert located on the beach. Unfortunately one of the cars in our group decided to act a fool and loose a brake pad.
Silly car.
So instead of the wine festival-we hung out on the side of the road for an hour & half with a million and two mosquito's-visited a gas station-and turned around to make the hour and a half trek back.
No wine. Just Vitamin Water.
And a dozen or so photos from the event.
Owner of the car: I still love you. I just hate your brake pad :)
PS. I totally had it spelled break pad. Thank you to my genuis elementary school spelling bee winning husband for correcting me. Braniac.

6. So a few Monday's back I said I had a new little direction for my bloggy blog that I was going to share with you all. Well guess what? That direction decided to go a little off the beaten path and I can't quite find it yet, that pesky little rascal. Once I find it and get my head fully wrapped around it, then it will be announced. Sorry kids. I spoke way before my brain was ready for me to speak. Fluent occurrence unfortunately.

7. A little bird just tweeted in my ear that there is going to be a giveaway on here tomorrow.
Say whaaaaaaaaaat?

8. Speaking of little birds named Tweety..I had one. And then on Valentines Day it decided to fly around our house...no big deal right? Wrong. This resulted in little Tweety flying directly into a corner of a wall which decapitated it's head.
Not only that but the head fell into my sister's hair where it swung back and forth for a couple of minutes before we officially pronounced it dead.
Apparently Tweety wasn't a fan of Valentines Day?

9. Speaking of decapitated heads, we once also had a cat that decided to jump into my fathers truck one morning. Bad news for the cat was that my dad happened to be slamming his door shut mid-jump, thus resulting in another one of our animals without a head. Ouch.
True story kids.
 So true that my sister even wrote a story about it when she was little which happened to be published in a local newspaper.
Pretty sure that had to be one of my father's lowest moments.

Well on that extremely morbid note, I am off to start my Monday.
Hope yours is full of love, laughter, and animals WITH heads.
Come back tomorrow ya heard?
You won't be sorry.

PS. Did any of you light up like the brightest bulb in the box last evening when you realized Miss USA was on TV? Me too.

Compliments Of:



A Letter To My Father

Oh daddio, how do I even begin to thank you for the father that you are?
 The list could go on and on..but for all practical blog purposes, I will try to keep it as short as possible {and by that I mean entirely way too long}.
 If only you didn't have so many good qualities....
Thank you for your witty, goofy, weird sense of humor. The words or voices that come out of your mouth never cease to amaze me. I am so happy that I have inherited this trait from you...the weirdness lives on father =)
Thank you for your positive upbeat spirit. It is contagious and infectious. You have taught me how to look at life through a "glass half full" kind of lens. I pray that I instill this spirit in my children.
Thank you for your years and years of hard work and dedication to your job. To see you do something that you truly enjoy is such a blessing and something that I long for in my career. You have met so many people in your line of work and I know without a doubt that you are loved by thousands and thousands of people all over the world.
Thank you for your unwavering support in all that I do. You have never questioned my abilities and stand behind me 110% in every decision that I make.
Thank you for never being "too manly" to tell your little girl that you love her, hold her hand, and give her hugs whenever she wants. That little girl will always remember these signs of affection and will never be "too old" to show the same affection to her father.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of drinking black coffee at the ripe ole age of 5. Going to the "coffee shop" with you and your buddies before school is a memory I will never forget. Even though I didn't understand a lick of the "coffee shop convo", I loved being there by your side.
Even better, thank you for sharing with me your love for wine. I am now a full-fledged "wino" and I blame it all on you. Sitting on your patio with a glass of red wine-music playing and good conversation abounding is now one of my favorite activities to share with you.
Thank you for being okay with the fact that you were the only male in the household for 20+ years of your life. I am sure you longed for extra testosterone in the home on many occasions {especially when our womanly hormones kicked into high gear}, but you never made us feel like you would want it any different.
Thank you for loving Shawn like a son and taking him under your wing years ago. Even though you initially gave him the "evil stare", your kind loving spirit won out. I know Shawn is so happy to have you as a father-in-law and is so thankful for the bond that you two share.
Thank you for your insight and discipline that you have taught me when it comes to finances. I know now that a penny saved is a penny earned, and it is not what you make-it is what you save that matters.

Thank you for loving mom wholeheartedly, and for not being afraid to tell us kids your feelings towards her. To hear you call her beautiful, lovely, fun, etc is so encouraging to us young "newlyweds" that romance can still exist after 30+ years of marriage.
Thank you for being a man of God and teaching us girls the importance of having a relationship with Christ. This gift is irreplaceable and I am so {so very} thankful.
Even when I would lay underneath the pews playing with peoples feet, I was still learning something on those Sunday mornings years ago.
Thank you most of all for being my father-for loving me, my sister, and mom unconditionally.
I am the luckiest girl in the world to call you my dad.
Happy Fathers Day
I love you Feather Head,
Your little Peenser