Weeping Willow

Welcome to the weekend.
Thus far, my weekend has been..well, PMS induced.
Why I feel the need to share this little fact with you readers is beyond me..
although it does bring up an interesting topic.


Yes, tears falling down your face like a little nine year old who just dropped her sucker down the sewage drain.
That has been me this weekend on two occasions:

1. Friday night when watching Ellen's show-she showed this YouTube Video and proceeded to give the lucky couple a free honeymoon.

I mean I bawled like a baby.
Shawn was mildy concerned for my mental state at the time..
Boys have no clue.

Second moment of the leaky water faucets?
When it was cold, rainy, I just realized that I wasn't going to see my bestie for the evening, and I also realized I hadn't gone out to dinner for two nights straight.
When the realization of all of the above came crashing down, I wept..and wept..and wept.
By this point, Shawn lost all hope and laughed in my face.
And actually, somehow it worked.
Jerk-he always knows how to make me look like a fool and have me love it at the same time.

Please tell me I am not the only one who becomes an instant freak show when that time of the month shows up.

Now, aside from the crazy things that a little thing called a . does to me, I have been fortunate to enjoy these two exciting sightings:

That would be a s'more my friend.
Made with much love from moi.

And this.
This is my friend helping collect the 22 chicken halves that 4 of us friends got to partake in eating last evening..in the rain..in a poncho.

Thankfully, all emotions have left the building and I am ready to have fun.
Now if only I could convince my lover that in order to have fun we either have to kayak in Chicago, go to the outlet malls, go wine tasting followed up with a trip to the casino, or make a 2 hour track to the nearest Ikea, we will be set.

Cross your fingers that I can come up with a sneaky little scheme to get him to do one of the above.
Or all.
Unfortunately my most powerful tool is closed for the time being.
{Sorry momma...and father..and aunt..and great aunt...}

Happy Holiday Weekend Cheery Dearies.



  1. I just watched that video while at work and I had to try so hard not to cry! I am emotional like that all the time...lol.. i wish it was just when I had PMS. I'm just crazy I guess! This post was really funny :)

  2. Oh I'm right there with you girl - mine was about two weeks ago. And I cried bc my brother said "i don't know" to having a bonfire at home and not yes. i then cried again when my mom said something silly to me - i think may is uber sensitive crying girlie month. {lets just go with that ;)}

    have a fabulous rest of the day girlie!


  4. I would just like to say that I firmly believe you are in the same boat as many other girls at that time of the month - really - my husband has learned to accept it, bring me lots of chocolate marshmallow ice cream and move on.

    and the proposal - i cried like a baby! and i thought my husband proposed in a romantic way!!


  5. Haha!!

    Yeah, I turn into a crazy bitch once a month too :)

  6. Since yellow is my fav colour I had to stop by and say hello! Follow back when you can!


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