Top Two Tuesdays: Favorite Blogs

Hello there, me again.
I am linking back up to Living In Loving's Top Two Tuesdays again this week.
This weeks topic? My Two Favorite Blogs that I visit on a regular basis.
I am pretty excited about this because I am here to talk about two blogs that I have yet to mention.
Strange since they are my favorites huh?
Let's get this party started shall we?

I have been reading this blog for a solid 1-2 years now on a very regular basis.
In fact, it was the only blog I consistently read before I started my own.
Funny thing about Jamie (the beautiful, talented, creator of this blog) is that she lives right down the road from me, but we don't actually know each other.
I am not sure how I stumbled upon her blog several years ago but I am SO happy that I did.
There are three things I love about her:
1. Her positive outlook on life
2. Her love for her family which consists of two beautiful children & handsome hubby
3. Her love for Jesus
She is passionate, talented {especially in the photography department}, creative, inspiring, down to earth, and the hottest mom around. Seriously.
Told ya.
I will be happy if I am a fraction of the mother she is.
I hope you read her blog and enjoy it as much as I have.
Another funny thing...She is secretly known in our household as "My Blogging Hero".
Thank you Jamie for inspiring me to be a better version of myself.

I recently discovered this blog and holy cow, my funny bones have been on fire ever since.
She is absolutely hilarious. Like, I sit and laugh out loud at every post she writes, hilarious.
I don't know if it is her realness, vulgarness, or writing style, but whatever it is I love it.
{Warning: If blogs were rated, it may be R. Actually make that, it would be rated R}
If you enjoy a good dose of humor, please check her out.
I don't think you will regret it.
Thank you Sandra for the multiple laughs you have given me.
You are talented and should probably consider writing a book.
You may beat out Tina Fey's Bossypants.
And when you make it big, don't forget about us little folks.

Well there you have it beloved readers, two of my favorite reads.
Now get off this little blog of mine and go to theirs.
Enjoy =)

PS. If you want to boast about your favorite blogs, link up to Living By Loving!
Can't wait to learn about your lovie dovie blogs.


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  1. Awwww, you are such a sweetheart and you totally made my day! Thank you! And believe me, if I ever write a book, my bloggy friends will be the first ones mentioned in my acknowledgements!
    Now I'm off to check out your rockin' hot blogging hero!


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