Top 2 Tuesday

Welcome to Top Two Tuesday.
So I know I said yesterday I will be bringing back Must-Have Mondays, but I might've changed my mind.
I'm a girl, It's natural, get over it.
Here's my deal: I like having a routine, and then I like sticking to it for about 1-2 weeks, then I find a new routine to stick to.
Hopefully you understand.
I'm linking up to my little Living By Loving friend Allyce. You should consider doing the same..it's fun.
Today we are talking about my Two Favorite Make-up Items that I use on a daily basis.
As you can see, I have some options when it comes to make-up in the mornings.
Out of all of this mess, my two necessities are not very exciting but are very important. Regardless if I am doing my full face of make-up, or going "bare", there are 2 items I will ALWAYS have on:

1. Mary Kay Concealer. Thank goodness God put the thought into somebodies head to create this stuff. It is a must-have to cover up my many "flaws" and to lighten up my eye area. Back in the day when I was incredibly good looking {sarcasm} I thought it was a good idea to use this also on my lips. You know, to give me that natural "I'm dead" look.

2. Mascara {currently loving MAC's Haute & Naughty}. There is something magical about mascara, at least in {on} my eyes. Without it, it kinda looks like I those two holes above my nose barely exist. But with it-I am bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Just the way I like to be.

I want to hear about your two favorite make-up necessities...and then I want to add them to my pile.
Soooooo.....head on over to Living By Loving and link up.
Can't wait to see what you put on your face =)

I'm off to go do wifey things..like pull weeds, cook dinner, fold laundry, you know the drill.
Unless your not a wifey {you may not know the drill}, and on evenings like this,
I congratulate you.
Go take a bath, drink a margarita, or make a Target run.
Or do all the above.

Love you all. Wifeys or not.



  1. Hey Miss Erin! :) LOVED reading your Top 2! And thanks for the shout out!
    I should be tending to my wifey duties now too...dinner, (laundry's done!) and pick up the house.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. ohhh, I may have to try that mascara - I just bought new at Sephora and am kinda in love with it {which is always a good thing} i'm the same exact way with mascara - it's a must have!


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