Shining On...

I'm working double duty today folks..
Today I have the privilege {and I mean HUGE privilege} of being a guest on the world famous
I may be going bananas about this at the moment.
Or I might be sleeping due to the fact that I was wide awake for hours thinking about how excited I am to be over there today.
Whichever way I am stoked.
You should probably come over and see me there,
I happen to be bragging about you.
I love you guys. Really, I do.
Whatcha waiting for?
Come check it out HERE :)
Is it legal to use the same picture twice on your blog?
Hope so.
I think I've officially deemed this my "Guest Posting" picture.



  1. Aww, how awesome! :) Totally checking it out!


  2. Read it! What a great job! And I'm glad it lead me to your wonderful blog! : )

  3. really cool, you are like so famous....again!

  4. you are so cute! found you thru ashley's blog! really enjoy reading your posts :)

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  6. I love the Shine Project. I'm donate to a similar project. Every Christmas a friend of mine organizes a project where people can sponsor families or donate items to be given to families for the holidays. Families in need let her know they want to take part, and then my friend finds wonderful people to donate items that can be used as gifts for these families. Its such a wonderful venture, and something I'm proud to have participated in.



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