Not So Awkward & Awesome..

I know, I know..
This is neither Awkward or Awesome.
Sue Me.
Actually don't.
I am trying to save up money to purchase the new love of my life {Sony NEX 5 camera}
and that could really throw a wrench into things.

PS. Have you ever tried to save money before? Consider it impossible.

Please do not think for a minute that I didn't have any awkward & awesome moments happen this week...
That is far from the truth.
I think I am still too humiliated by my latest awkward moment to let my fingers type it out.
Come next week, all shame will be forgotten and I will spew that moment out with pride.

Anyhow, turns out I've been too busy baking {you'll see the tasty treat tomorrow},
washing our bedding {which got dirty again within hours...from Maggie eating croutons in bed of course. Yes croutons. We ran out of dog treats and for some reason croutons seemed logical at the time..she didn't disagree},
and getting all weepy eyed to Oprah's finale.
By the ponds that were formulated in my eyeballs you would've been convinced I actually watched her show.
Lord help me when Ellen retires.
...And now my tear ducts are starting up again just thinking about that day.

Oh, and one other thing..
I was also working on getting some giveaways lined up for you chick-a-dees.
Now you really can't be mad at me.

Hope you are all having the most incredible day of your life.
And if you aren't, please start.
Meaning: Get off this blog, leave work, fly to Bora Bora, grab a cocktail, and take a nap on the hammock shown below.
Just a thought.

Love you!



  1. Niiiiiiice post :)) Girl, you're funny!

  2. I am dying at the sentence that you snuck in there about period/pregnacy!! I miss you LSP!!


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