Miscellany Monday

Hallelujah it is Miscellany Monday.
Is it lame that I think of each weekday in a different blog theme now?
Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Speaking of lame...

1. Staying at home on a Friday night sick while all of your friends and husband are out celebrating a birthday is dumb. I don't know how else to put it but I highly discourage that you to do this. You will spend all evening wallowing in self pity and stalking every person imaginable on Facebook. Not that I did that...but I imagine it could lead to such things.

2. Now moving away from lame items...Please tell me you realize how cool this jacket is:
And then please tell me that this was a staple piece of fashion in your closet back in the day.
Why oh why did they stop making such beautiful pieces of fluorescent/iridescent clothing?
Surfstyle, I love you. Always have, always will.

3. So remember how I've been asking for some local ladies to donate clothes for the event that is being held tomorrow at The Post? Those ladies decided to be awesome and  delivered..big time. Boo-yah.
Sure, it might've taken up half my day Sunday to fold everything but it was totally worth it.
Thank you Zac Brown Band and that glass of wine for keeping me company.
You two are gems.
And THANK YOU ladies who have donated. You are so so so appreciated.
Did I mention you are appreciated?

4. So my mom was a little hurt that I gave her dog Ellie "Bad Press" over the weekend when I dogged on her {no pun intended, ok yes, it was intended} for spreading glass clippings throughout our house.
Ellie, I sincerely apologize.
While you are the one who spread them all over our bed, blankets, couch, carpet, kitchen floors, bathtub, and somehow my belly button..it isn't your fault.
We should've never mowed our yard, allowed the rain to fall, and then respond to your request to go potty outside. Next time I will be sure to not let this happen.
You are still precious. Green feet or not.

5. Obsessed.

Click here to purchase them for me.
Size 8.

6. How are some of you so stinkin good at leaving comments on blogs?
I fail miserably in this department.
I could read the best blog post of my life and think to myself
"Self, that was the best blog post I've ever read..." and then leave it at that.
I just vowed to myself to do better.
Watch out, I might be blowing up your blog posts like you've never seen before.

7. So last night Shawn and I indulged in Butter Popcorn.
Holy sweet mother of pearl. What a delight in my mouth.
We normally purchase "light" butter for some dumb reason not known to mankind.
It was kinda comparable to the time we purchased "steaks" for $2.50 a piece and then purchased some for $5.00 bucks a piece. Wow. The difference...
And yes, we go all out in the meat department.
I could say something really funny along the lines of "what we lack in the quality of our stakes, we make up for in different areas in our household.." but then Shawn would get really embarrassed and tell me to delete that immediately. Good thing I didn't say it.

8. What is better than watching the Royal Wedding on TV?
Watching your friends get married on TV.
Sorry Prince William & Princess Kate.
You had nothing on these two.
Thank you webcams for streaming such events live.
While you get a bad rap for other things you may cause, this certainly was a pleasure.
Congrats you two love birds :)

9. I just realized I'm tired. And then I just realized this blog needs another giveaway soon.
I feel like there is a party going on on my blog when a giveaway is present {ha, another pun}.
And who doesn't like parties?
Let me get on that.

Happy Monday lover beans.

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  1. Thank you for a little shout out doll!! As always, the blog I most look forward to reading :) thank you for brightening up my dreary monday.

    and yes, i'm obsessed with those shoes too - i was JUST looking at them last night. ironic?! hehe

  2. dude I neeeeed your dress! ay-sap. an those wedges

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Love the wedges and your post by the way. I found your lovely blog on Miscellany Monday. Hope to see another Misc. Post.


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