Miscellany Monday: Rambling At Its Finest

Surprise. It's Monday.
{My surprises kinda suck. Sorry}.
Monday's make me a wee bit excited lately because I get to participate in Miscellany Mondays. A time for my fingers to zap out anything they've been wanting to say.
Because that's what fingers do right? Zap?
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Zap away babies..

1. Why is it that dogs feel the need to growl every time they see another dog?
Can you imagine if humans did that...?? Please picture it in your head and giggle.
We're now twins giggling at the same thoughts. Just fyi.

2. See this cute little necklace right here?
That little guy was made from my precious sister.
Creator of Nesting Time. Check it out for her latest cutsie craft.
And gross, I can't believe I just called my necklace a guy...it clearly is a girl.
PS. Why am I pursing my lips together? I think at the time I thought it accentuated my cheek bones. Come to find out it just makes me look like an idiot. Cute Erin.

3. So yesterday on Mothers Day..I woke up with a strong urge to take pictures. Not just of anything though, I was longing to capture frogs, my parents beautiful landscaping, little legs that were yearning for more bites of strawberry rhubarb pie, and three handsome men that would be hanging around in a yard.
Yup, that is exactly what I wanted to capture.
Mission Accomplished.

4. I bought these flowers almost three weeks ago or so.

And yes, they still look like this.
You know what this means? I just dominated learning how to keep something alive for more than two days in this house. Weeeeee dizzle.
I totally just made up that term, and I kinda love it.
Expect to see that one return.

5. Speaking of being a master gardener, I had the pleasure of doing yard work for somebody else this weekend. I learned how to plant flowers in real soil, lay mulch, and eat a medium Reese's Peanut Butter Dairy Queen blizzard. You should probably hire me for business.
I downed that blizzard in 7 minutes flat.
Talent kids, pure talent.

 {I did not learn how to master that tool I am holding. I did however learn how to use it as a prop in a picture, which is worth something in my book}

6. Download songs by Boyce Avenue.
Just do it. NOW.
Sorry if I just scared you with my demanding capital letters.
I totally don't know if you spell that word capital or capitol.
Darn English language throwing curve balls at me constantly...

7. Should I make a Facebook page for Living in Yellow?
I feel like I am that annoying little girl who is non-stop updating her personal page's status with every update I do on this little bloggy blog. Opinions? Yes please.

8. I made green bean casserole for the first time yesterday to take to a family gathering.
Translation: I am offically an adult.

8. Now that I have all of this off my chest, I am off to go beat up my mower.
We have a love hate relationship right now.
Actually, just hate.
If you would like to come finish mowing the last three strips in my yard, please do so.
Or leave me hanging to look like the redneck who decided to quit with only a little bit left to do.
Your choice.
Choose wisely.

Hap Hap Happy Monday.



  1. love your pictures--so springy! you should join my photo friday link party every friday--YOU SHOULD! :) also, can you send me your address so i can send you your necklace!?
    milesandmems (at) gmail (dot) com


  2. LOL, you are too cute!!

    I deleted my personal FB page (some ppl share too much, etc etc.) I love my FB page for FF&P. Now I only have "blog friends" LOL.

    Your pics turned out great....love that froggie:)

  3. your little blog is so cute!!
    i am 24 and a mommy to a 15 month old and married for almost 2 years. just made my 1st greenbean casserole yesterday and i said the same thing, i feel so grown up. lol. too funny.

  4. this post had me cracking up....you are hilarious! and i'll see your seven minutes flat for downing a blizzard and raise you my SIX minutes. plus brain freeze headache time ;) also, i am seriously impressed with the longevity of the flowers. i just had a conversation with some colleagues at lunch today about the time i killed a cactus when i was in college because i didn't water it enough. i didn't even think that was possible. so when the hubs asks if i want flowers for any occasion...i always say no. it would just be torture for the poor dears.

  5. Oh this post definitely made me smile. Unfortunately my brain is complete mush at the moment so my commenting ability is a little off. But you definitely made me giggle about the growling humans, made me want a blizzard (to down in record time of course), and made me totally empathize with you about the mower! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. oh wow. just when I thought you couldn't get any funnier... :)


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