Miscellaney Monday

Waaaah...it's Monday.
Yes, I just whined.
I feel much better now that I got that out though.
And actually come to think about it, I meant to say Waa-la, It's Monday.
I just realized a new Bachelorette season starts tonight.
Finally, ABC has given me back a life again.

Please tell me there are others of you who speak fluent in this red rose mushy gushy language?
Anyhooo...with it being Monday, you know what that means..
Time for Erin to ramble her brains out.
Ramble away brainy...

1. So I now own the cutest napkins in all of napkin land.
 Get ready to be totally jealous of these suckers:
I am planning a party right now just to use these pretties.
And of course to hang out with my awesome friends..
Ok really, it's just to use the napkins.
The friends don't hurt the cause though ;)
Go purchase all of the above at Target if you must.
And by that I mean, you must.

2. Seriously Erin, you just bragged about having the cutest napkins on the block?
I guess this is what happens when you get older.
You brag about napkins?

3. I learned this weekend that I have a large male population who reads this little bloggy blog. I officially apologize for all the name calling over the posts-Lovely ladies, pretty girls, pickle heads, and birdies. I will try to stick to more masculine names from now on that will appeal to both genders.
Like licorice lickers.
Yup, totally more fitting.
Thank you father for calling me that over the years.
I am so happy to now be passing it on to my dearest loved ones =)

4. So last evening the handsome man who lives in this household and I were sitting underneath our pergola awaiting a storm to roll in, and I noticed he was deep in thought.
After giving him some time, I kindly ask "whatcha thinkin about babe?"
He responds with "Oh actually, I was just singing Baby Got Back repeatedly in my head..
Then turn around! Stick it out! Even white boys got to shout..Baby got back!"
I thank God everyday that I have a husband as normal as I.
We're deep people.

5. Do you like our balls?
Just wait til you see them light up.

6. I have an idea for this blog.
It will be revealed soon.
It has something to do with the color yellow.
Weird I know.
Stay tuned.

7. So I heard YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are joining forces.
It will be called..
You Twit Face.
Please share that with somebody today, chances are good they will chuckle.
And if they don't, they probably are a Twit Face.
Thank you sister for that joke. It never gets old.

8. Have you ever seen a walking mosquito bite? Me either...
Until I became one.
Thankfully about 48 of those little guys decided to snatch themselves on to my skin over the weekend which resulted in 48 welts plastered all over my back and arms.
It is so attractive.

8. I'm officially done writing. Popcorn is calling my name and Rihanna is on TV.
And I can't ignore popcorn...or Rihanna for that matter.
Or anything that calls my name really.
Except mosquito's.
I'm done giving them the time of day.

Happy Monday Licorice Lickers :)

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  1. Oh my gosh those napkins are awesome!!

  2. Those napkins are TOO cute!
    Stopping by from MM :)

    I'm also your newest follower, yay!


  3. You crack me up!!

    I am fluent in red rose mushy gushy language btw;) Thanks for the reminder it's on tonight!! Something to look forward to!! YAY!!

  4. I bought the "seconds of sunshine" napkins for my mom for Mother's Day!! I made her a little basket of goodies and fell in love with those! All the girls in my family (mom, sis, and myself) are quite obsessed with cute/funny/witty napkins...you are not alone! Ha!

  5. Okay so first of all I love those napkins! I would brag about them too :) They are going to cheer up everyone at your party!

    Second, you and I have the same sense of humor. I cracked up at You Twit Face, no joke.

    New follower, please stop on by..

  6. love the light balls :)

    super cute blog!

    xoxo-your new follower,
    Hannah @ a lovely mess.

    come see me!

  7. It does appear that you're deep in thought singing Baby Got Back in your head! Actually, i just sung it in my head and felt pretty concentrated myself :) It takes some serious concentration memorizing all those words. :)

  8. you've got me in suspense thinking about your new direction for the blog--can't wait to find out what you have up your sleeve

  9. You Twit Face! I'm sooo glad you remembered that joke and busted it out on your blog :). You crack me up every single post... how DO you do it?

  10. Bahaha! You Twit Face...that's a good one! And goodness gracious...mosquitos love me and my hubs!

    Still loving your blog! :)


  11. Those napkins are adorable :) Guess that makes me old too, haha!

    And twit face, ha!

  12. I follow your blog.

  13. I like the message in a bottle necklace

  14. I follow Just. Lovely. Things. blog


  15. I like just lovely things on facebook



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