Life List

I was recently was reading one of my favorite blogs, and came across this:
A list of 100 things you want to do in your life.
A Bucket List of sorts.
I have always wanted to do this, so what better time than now?
I sat down for about an hour and wham bam thank you ma'm, my list was complete.
It was so fun to just sit and think...
think about the things I want to do, big, small, extravagant, and anything in between.
If you have not done this before, I highly encourage you do so.
It may surprise you what desires lie in that little heart & mind of yours.

Welcome to My Life List:

1. Travel to Greece
2. Read the Bible in 1 year
3. Adopt at least one child
4. Have a store front
5. Go one month without using a computer
6. Listen to live music while sipping on wine in an alley in Italy
7. Zip-line in a jungle
8. Be a mentor to a child
9. Lean how to limbo and be really good at it
10. Have a picnic in a field of wild flowers
11. Take photography lessons
12. Dance to Eric Church's "Smoke a Little Smoke" in a bar with hardwood floors
13. Have coffee with Keith Urban..and then have him serenade me with a song
14. Go to The Ellen Show
15. Own a monkey
16. Give birth in a bathtub
17. Pray a prayer with somebody bringing them to Christ
18. Spend an entire day in bed with Shawn, no shower, no nothing.
19. Go to the Macaroni & Cheese cook off in Traverse City, Michigan
20. Run a 1/2 marathon with my sister
21. Go two days straight without washing my hair
22. Go help somewhere after a natural disaster
23. Host an exchange student
24. Own a condo in San Diego
25. Have a garden
26. Give somebody in need the clothes off my back in passing
27. Sell Real Estate again
28. Have 1,000 blog followers who read just because they truly enjoy reading what I have to say
29. Break a plate on cement
30. Ride a horse on the beach
31. Learn how to ballroom dance
32. Take my parents on a vacation, all expenses paid
33. Be on Minute To Win It
34. Walk down a runway in a bikini and heels
35. Go on an African Safari
36. Write a children's book
37. Go one year without repeating the same recipe
38. Fly a kite with my daughter while she is wearing a dress and a ribbon in her hair
39. Clean out my closet and give all my clothes to a single girl who needs it
40. Learn how to blow glass
41. Live in a house with a pool
42. Fly in a helicopter over a volcano that is erupting
43. Sleep in a hut in Fiji over the ocean
44. Gut and remodel an old home
45. Lean how to speak like an Auctioneer
46. Make cookies and deliver them to a new neighbor
47. Spend a weekend alone with my niece and nephew, doing everything they want to do
48. Take a week off of work with not one thing planned
49. Snowboard in Colorado
50. Stay up all night with best friends, talking while lying in sleeping bags
51. Design an outfit
52. Host a tea party
53. Take Maggie to a beach
54. Go to a party hosted by Bill & Guiliana Rancic
55. Eat a hot dog in Central Park
56. Have a down comforter on my bed
57. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle with Shawn
58. Do 100 push ups straight
59. Own a convertible
60. Spend the night in a tree house
61. Wear my hair in a braid
62. Learn how to sail a boat
63. Ride in a gondola
64. Play 2 square with my children
65. Play a game of "Horse" with Michael Jordan
66. Be apart of a live debate
67. Attend a Royal Wedding
68. Purchase a corvette for Shawn as a birthday present
69. Serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter
70. Putt Putt at midnight
71. Swim with dolphins at the Atlantis Resort
72. Create artwork for my home
73. Go out to breakfast with my grandmas
74. Go blueberry picking & bake a pie from scratch in the same day
75. Squish grapes with my toes for wine
76. Go topless on a topless beach for a day
77. Learn how to play a guitar
78. Jump on the bed with at least three kids under the age of 5
79. Scare a complete stranger in a public place
80. Pay for somebodies groceries behind me in line
81. Do a Detox Diet
82. Spend a summer in the Hampton's
83. Break out into a choreographed dance with a group of people in a public place
84. Crash a wedding
85. Go one year without buying one piece of clothing for myself
86. Pop open a bottle of champagne and have it spray all over myself and friends in the midst of a celebration
87. Drive along the California coast
88. Have long wavy hair
89. Take a picture with every "Welcome To _____" state sign and make a collage out of it
90. Make a quilt with my aunt
91. Own a Bed & Breakfast
92. Be the lead singer in a country band
93. Attend the Grammys
94. Sleep in an igloo in Alaska
95. Hold a Panda Bear
96. Be in the World Championships of Ping Pong
97. Buy one lottery ticket a day for a year straight
98. Throw pizza dough in the air in an authentic Italian kitchen
99. Sit in a hot spring
100. Have Heart Shaped Pancakes served to me in bed
101. Live Joyfully
Go ahead, make your own.
And share with me that you did by linking it up below.
Can't wait to see what is on your Life List.

Love you lovers.



  1. i love this. and am going to do it. maybe this weekend i'll sit and think about this. i enjoyed reading your list - made me smile.

    have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Totally doing one! Love yours!

  3. I can help you with number 78...3 kids under 5 that looove jumping on beds haha!

  4. I love this blog post because I can totally see you doing a lot of these things! I completely started busting out laughing at "learning how to talk like an auctioneer", my husband thinks I am crazy....thats not really anything new though!

  5. I'm curious as to how many things on this list you can check off as an accomplishment in the nearly 2 years of blogging. :) I think I can check off a few of the them for you (just from reading your blog).

  6. One of my life goals is to visit all 50 states, but I may be stealing your idea of taking a picture with every "Welcome to ...." sign - I love that! Such a great way to remember visiting each state.


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