Get Your Bettin' Shoes On...

Time to place your bets kiddos.
Except on something way more exciting than basketball, horse races, or how many tacos you can eat on your lunch with fellow co-workers.
I’m talking about placing your bets on who will take the final rose this season in the Bachelorette.
Yes, that’s right. I am filling out a bracket and you should too.
I have dreamt about doing this for years and have never taken action, until I found this pretty little thing.
Thank you Google Images for leading me to this document which will provide me hours of entertainment and a place to showcase how stellar I am when choosing the correct man for Ashley.
I am thinking we need group participation in this.
Here’s what I think we shall do: to simplify things we are going to keep things to the final three, and selecting the winner {aka: ultimate rose master, lover of Ashley’s heart, and also the ex of Ashley two weeks after the show ends.}
Unless they do it up Ryan & Trista style and really do decide to have a happily ever after.
We can hope right?
So join in the fun-leave me a comment with your final three and who you are predicting will take the cake. And whoever wins?
Gets a prize, duh.
There is no “satisfaction knowing you won” around these parts.
I’d rather spoil you with whatever it is I have up my sleeve.
It will be pretty I promise.
Heck, it may even be a date with the runner-up for all you know.
Here are my final three:
Ryan P

And the winner??
Ryan P.
Can’t wait to read your predictions.
Disclaimer: If you read spoilers, you are disqualified.
Shame, shame, shame on you for even thinking about doing such a thing!
Cheers to a brand new season of hot tubs, champagne, makeout sessions, and lust love.



  1. oh my gosh I would totally fill one out but leaving for vaca tomorrow! am I allowed to do it next week and be a late birdie? haha I love your picks! William lives in the suburb next to me so I'm pulling for him.

  2. ummmmm hi. do we really have the EXACT same fave 4?! but my fave 5 includes west too :)

  3. i LOVE william and JP - William is actually from Columbus- so maybe, i hope he gets kicked off and I can find him ;)


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