Curses Of The Blog...

I am blaming it all on this blog.
What all?
My runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes, achy bones...
you name it, I've got it.
Ya see, ever since I've had this little blog of mine I get colds what seems to be monthly.
It may have to do with my extreme amounts of boasting I did on Thursday about this weekend and nexts stellar plans.
I suppose I had it comin.
Anyhow, because of this blog curse, it means I get to talk to you more than I normally would.
Tame yourself.
Oh, and it means that last night I got to eat exactly what I wanted to eat.
Roast beef, mashed potatoes, noodles, green beans....
One full plate at 6:00 pm and another at 11:00 pm.
Don't believe for a second that this cold is going to come in between me and my appetite.
 Point of the story is: I don't normally write on Saturdays because I normally have a life.
But today..I don't.
And I just used up every bit of hot water in the bathtub...oh and this is the only room in the entire house that doesn't have grass clippings everywhere I look due to this little dogs feet.
Enough about that though.
I did what every smart woman does when she feels miserable.
Take a bath, put on a full face of make-up, and slip into a dress with cowboy boots.
{that might've been on the floor from wearing it yesterday too}
Ya know, to ensure I don't decide to heal myself by lying on the couch all day long.
I don't have time to have a cold.
I've got to plan a party for tonight, laundry to do, dishes to put away, and floors to sweep.
Clearly I'm only going to plan the party.

With all this being said, hope your Saturday is much more eventful than mine and that the scenes of my house are not the same in yours:
Yes, we have no kleenex in this house.
And yes, that toilet paper is the hardest stuff ever invented.
If the next time I see you I do not have a nose, you now know why.

Adios Saturday readers.
Pleasure chattin with ya.

Disclosure: If this post makes no sense at all, it is the Alka Seltzers fault.
I honestly have no idea what I just typed about.
And I just remembered I only shaved half my legs in the bath this morning...


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  1. alka seltzer induced blog posts make me giggle ;) maybe it's because i've been on a good dose of nyquil tonight and it hasn't completely knocked me out yet ;) loved your dress! i haven't gotten brave enough to wear my boots with a dress...i love the look on other people, but i'm always convinced that folks will be looking at me going, "really? she thinks she's chic enough to pull that off???"


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