Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Quickie Style

Let me be honest with you for a minute...
I really don't feel like sitting here in front of this computer for very long.
I have a husband out on the couch that I am sure could use some cuddlin' time
{that or he has a wife who could..} whichever.
So, I am excited to say, this is going to be a quick little A&A.
Yeah yeah, I say that every time..but this time, I mean it.


1. The fact that when I was younger I would only answer to the name Mariah. As in Mariah Carey {or Diarrhea Carey as our family used to call her...we have class, don't be jealous.}
Looking back, it totally makes sense why I did this...I was a spitting image of the famous, curvy, hit every high note ten octaves above what should be legal, woman:

2. You know that terrible question that people make the crazy mistake of making?
The question that goes a little like "So..when are you expecting?" or "Is it a boy or girl?!"
 You know the kind of questions I'm talking about. One would think that this is the most embarrassing, humiliating question you could get asked. 
 Imagine what it feels like when you get asked "So..are you a boy or a girl?" in the second grade. It happened to me. Frequently. Apparently the bowl sitting atop my head really puzzled people. Thanks parents.


1. I met with the wonderful Program Coordinator at The Post this week and the Clothes Drive {I'm not sure what else to call it so I'm stickin with that name} is PLANNED.
I am SOOOOOO excited to annouce that it will be held
Tuesday, May 17th at 5:30 pm.
As in, less than two weeks from today. Eeeeeek.
For all of you participating, I will be sending out further details.
Thank you so much for all of you amazing ladies who are helping out.
Not sure what I am talking about but think you may be interested? Click Here.

2. Miss Chic is officially open for business. Eeeeeeek number two.
I had the joy of visiting Amy in Shipshewana this afternoon
and let me tell you, her booth is filled to the gills with the cutest stuff ever.
Check it.

...I was going to keep writing but my man just shouted
"I'm eating pie...you better come out and stop me!!!"
Translation: You better get out here asap and join in on the inhaling festival of Blueberry pie that was purchased this afternoon from an Amish Bakery.

Diet what?

...Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Arriba Arriba.



  1. haha - yes, my dear... that was a mighty fine hair cut you had way back when. i think we all have some pictures with hair styles that should have NEVER been allowed to be photographed!

    enjoy that pie - i'm oh so jealous - well, kinda... my roomie has been baking cookies like a mad woman tonight. no. more. sugar. :)

  2. I think I'm going to participate this week. :)


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