Your guess is as good as mine...On second thought, probably better.

Let’s play a game shall we? It’s called: Where in the world is Erin Schrader going to?
Please sing that to the tune of Carmen San Diego. It’s much catchier that way.
Go ahead, read/sing it again if you need to.
K, now that we’ve established the jingle for today’s post let’s get back to biz.
As I had mentioned a few weeks back, my fabulous “I hate surprises” husband is surprising me with a little getaway. Shocking, I know. This is where you come in. I have no flippin clue where we are headed to and will not know until we reach the destination. My stomach is sorta floppin around about this but that’s okay. All I know is it better stop floppin soon because word on the street is I’m going to be in a bathing suit…eeeeeeek.
Here are the clues I’ve been given:

1.       We are flying. Which I have a huge fear of. I’ve learned to dispel this fear with a glass of wine. Due to the fact we are flying before the sun comes up, not sure if this trick is going to work. If only I didn’t care so much about people thinking I have a problem…shucks.

2.       We are going somewhere we’ve never been before (or so he says). California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida are now off the list. Oh, and I am 99.99%, actually make that 100% sure we are staying in the states.
3. It has been in the 80’s there lately. Slightly excited about this fact. Okay, majorly.
Here are my guesses:

Charleston, South Carolina

Savannah, Georgia

New Orleans, Louisiana

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Providence, Rhode Island

Now I want to hear your guess. If you are right, you might get a little treat brought back for you, like one of those “Somebody who loves me very much went to _________ and brought me back this shirt”.
If you hadn’t heard: It’s a classic piece to keep in your wardrobe.
Think of it as a souvenir from your favorite grandma.
Except don’t think of me as your grandma.
That’s just weird.

Oh, and if you are my mother or sister you are disqualified from leaving your guesses.
We don’t need any cats jumping out of the bag around here.

Good luck guessin.



  1. I'm guessing (or hoping) for New Orleans! Georgia or South Carolina would be beautiful too! I'm excited for you!

  2. If you go to a doctor they will give you something for the plane ride.

  3. it's TOTALLY acceptable to drink wine before the sun comes up. you have my approval :)


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