Yesterdays Post Part Two: Awesome

Okay kids, I don't have much time to pump this little post out.
I've got some mad TV to watch tonight, and no I am not talking about Mad TV.
Its lingo for a lot...or just good quality TV. Something of those sorts.
The Office, Real World re-run, annnnnnd Royal Wedding at 4 am.
My mind is exhausted just thinking about my hectic schedule....
K, enough rambling, time to finish yesterday's post.


1. Key Lime Pie {delivered via Room Service}. I could lick this stuff up, oh wait..I did. On several occasions none the less. Please do yourself a favor and order some next time your in a hotel. You won't be sorry....(except have a bra on when the gentleman comes to your door).
Or don't. It will make for a better story...

2. Waking up to this every morning:

Yup, pretty sure my eyes wouldn't get sick of that sight.
You know what it also means when you wake up to that in the morning?
The only decisions you will have to make all day is what time your nap is going to be and where you are going to eat for dinner. Booyah.

3. Watching kids be kids. There is nothing sweeter than ooh'ing and ahh'ing over little rascals splashing in the water, building sand castles, and burying their little brother. Oh wait, there is something sweeter...acting like those kids {photos taken last fall}:

4. Quenching your thirst with an adult beverage any time of day. 9 am? Why not?
Disclaimer: I am really not a lush. I like to enjoy 1...2 drinks in a setting.
Please don't think I am as cool/fun/wild/crazy as I may come across.
I prefer to have a drink and then see how quickly I can fall asleep.
Paaarrrtttty animal.
5. Lazy Rivers. I've decided one will be in my backyard soon. Wanna come play?
One thing you should know about me: I've been in a hotel brochure floating in one of these babies back in my day. And by that I mean when I was 5. Oh, and I just so happen to be in a Sandals Resorts commercial, also in an intertube floating around.
Autograph now or later? You decide.
Put me in a body of water with a tube around my waist and I'm kind of a big deal...
6. Eating outside. For every.single.meal. I conquered this quest on my trip. BLD...NBD.
{Lingo Breakdown: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...Outside, every meal...No big deal}
...Please note my awesome hair going on here..oh and my huge fake smile.
Ding dong to a T.
7. Live music. I can't get enough..seriously. Something fills my soul to the top when I hear individuals with amazing pipes, spewing out all my favorite hits {insert Tom Petty.}
 It doesn't hurt when they are in venues like this:
Absolutely uhhh-mazing. Take me back...pronto.
8. The cost of our 4 night hotel stay {in a brand new sparkly pretty resort}:
All I'm saying about this is it pays to have a Priority Rewards Visa card.
Darn Room Service jacking up our bill, I knew I shouldn't have spent so much....Psych.

I don't think their is an ending point to this list.


End of story.

Peace out lovers...I'm off to go frolic & play in Chicago this weekend with some pretty little lady friends.

Watch out.



  1. I totally agree that eating outside and listening to live music are on my happy list :)

  2. Ahh I'm seriously so jealous of this vacation woman!! So since i noticed you were from Indiana and love live music... have you ever seeen dot dot dot by chance?? They are Chicago based but play a ton in Indiana and Ohio. They are amazing and so fun!!

    Thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog!! Reminds me of why I blog when I get awesome comments like that!

    Have fun in Chicago girl!!


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