Top 2 Tuesdays

I'm pretty themey around here lately, huh?
Today I've linked up to Living By Loving's blog after finding this Top 2 Tuesday post on her page. I thought it was a fun little idea so I thought why not? Maybe it will be a regular occurrence on my little bloggy now? Guess you’ll have to stick around and find out.
In honor of today being my half-day at work (WAHOOOOOOOOOOO) I thought I would post my Top 2 Favorite things to do on my afternoons off. I never have stopped and really thought about this until now, and to my surprise my answers were a bit scary & made me realize I am getting old, yuck. Instead of living in my youth and doing things such as: Spending irresponsibly at Target, lying in the sun, or getting a mani & pedi, I find I receive the greatest joy doing these two items with my spare time: 

1.       Picking-up the house. Weird I know. Who wants to clean when they have time all to themselves to lounge around doing nothing? Me. There is no greater feeling (Ok, that’s a lie..I am sure I can think of many more things) than having the house to myself-Ipod playing-and being able to put away every dish that was in our sink from the night before, fold the blankets that are laying all over the couch, and pick up my yesterdays outfit off my bedroom floor. There is something relaxing to this process and I love it. Only downside? As soon as the husband gets home, items suddenly appear all over the house again. Men-can’t live with em, can’t live without em ;)
At least for that 4 hours of freedom, every inch of my house is spic & span.

2.       Making a fancy schmancy dinner. Ya see, during the week we rush home from work-throw together something together to eat pretty quickly, and make sure we have food in our mouths by 6 pm on the dot. Why? Because we’re in our mid-twenties and find it necessary to eat at the same time as 85 yr-olds do apparently? And we have really hungry bellies. But, on my half day, I get to take time to make something delicious, nutritious (sometimes), that we can sit together and truly enjoy.
Tonight’s menu? Martha Stewart Mac & Cheese, asparagus, and wine.

So there ya have it-I cook & clean on my half days. Gosh I’m exciting.
Please, try not to be jealous of my lavish lifestyle.
While the above isn't too exciting, I did take a break from playing housewife this afternoon and transformed into a model for the fabulous Miss Chic Boutique, taking pictures for her brand spankin new Spring line.
I got deemed model due to our BFF-ness, not because I have any bone in my body that is modelesque. You'll see pictures soon. Don't expect to be blown away..from me that is.
However, the clothes will knock ya dead.

...Off to make dinner now. Bye bye.

I totally just realized I did something I thought I would never do. Post an entry without a single picture. Eeeek, please remind me to never do this again. Please & Thank you.



  1. Good stuff there Miss Erin! I love(d) half days...unfortunately schools no longer have them--those were the good ol' days! Instead, I'm enjoying my Spring Break week off and so is Matt for the 2 reasons you listed above! When I work let's just say a clean house usually waits till the wkend. :)

  2. I just found your blog via the shine project - it makes my top 5 list of blogs to read.

    You're hysterical and very relatable! Love it!



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