Remember Me?

I hope you are all excited about this fact {My mind is still debating how I feel about this..}
Anyhoo, I have much to write about buuuut...
Reality wasted no time smacking me in the face with an 8 hour work day to get thru,
 5,000 loads of laundry to tend to,
36 hours of sleep to catch up on,
and approximately 300+ photos to upload.
Reality, I'm strongly considering punching you in the face right now.
Remind me why I came back?
If you want a little hint as to where I've been hiding the last couple of days, here you have it:
Oops, that was a pretty big hint.
With all that being said, check back in a day or so for a brand spankin new post.
That is, if my brain still remembers how to write one of these bloggy posts.
I missed you all so very much...
PS. Thank you to my wonderful friends who covered for me when I was out soaking up the Florida sunshine. You guys are amazing.
PPS. I almost forgot, we have a winner to announce..
{We're gonna go ahead and throw the idea out there that the sun might've fried my brain}
The lucky lady winning the gorgeous purse from Miss Chic is.....
Congratulations girl!
Shoot me an email at livinginyellow@gmail.com so I can send it out to ya =)
...Talk to you tomorrow kiddos!


1 comment:

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!! winning that bag MADE my day!!!

    hope you had a fabulous time in Pensacola Beach!! {so jealous, my bum needs to see a beach, pronto!}

    have a great day, girl!



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