Party Down

In case you hadn’t heard:
It’s Friday folks.
And I’m a little bit excited about it.
In honor of this, I am downing a Panera Bagel..as we speak.
Tonight we get to do a little bit of birthday partyin.
All of our friends keep acting like they were born around this time 20+ plus years ago..
Not that I’m complaining. Birthday parties equal new outfits.
And cake..and hopefully noise makers.
 I’m gonna go ahead and make the decision to wear this shirt to boogie down in this evening:
Forever 21

It may be a little bit cold & rainy in these parts of town but my right shoulder requested that it can come out and play tonight.
I’m going to be nice and go ahead and let her.
Hope you & and your right shoulder get to have fun tonight as well.
Love you all.



  1. Loving that blouse! This post would be perfect for our link up today for Fashion Fridays. If you want to link up, check it out! Kori xoxo


  2. wow, your blog is amazing and you are so funny! i am at work and just spent a good chunk of time reading all of your old posts (not all, but many). i am definitely going to be following you now!! come check out my blog too! =)

    xo, allie

  3. Super cute top!

    And this is what I refer to as "Birthday Season" around these parts... I swear there's another birthday every other weekend... and like you, I'm not complaining bc it means more shopping for me!!!

    Have a fabulous Saturday, doll!


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