Give Me Royals or Give me Death

Hello, hello! Lauren here, from Marketing & Martinis!
Lil’ Miss Erin has asked me to fill in for her while she travels to the world of the unknown…or wherever her husband takes her. Either way.

But I’m sure she’s basking in Bora Bora as we speak…seems like Shawn’s style.

ANYWAYS…I’m here to make a fool of myself by telling you what I plan on doing next Friday…

I have a weakness for celebrities. Give me ROYAL celebrities?! Sheesh. I lose all control!

So next Friday, I will be one of those people. One of those people that
you diss in your Tweets and Facebook statuses because you can’t believe people are actually going to do it…

I will have the TV on at 4am (that’s what time NBC start coverage our time) to watch Princess-to-be, Katherine Middleton marry her (actual) Prince Charming at a viewing party.

How am I going to do all of this, with a job, you ask? Well. Yes, I’ll be using a vacation day. I cannot tell my children “No, I didn’t watch the wedding of the century live, but I DVR’d it!” No. That will not work. I’m sorry. You may call it pathetic. I call it dedication. As US Weekly says, “Royals-they’re just like us!” (right…?)

So, in honor of this event, here’s what I’m thinking I’ll be doing…

I’ll have a flag of this around the stem of my mimosa

Would I be super creepy if I did these…? Guess I’ll be a super creep then.
These adorable cupcake toppers (via http://freepartyideas.blogspot.com/ )

I mayyy even bust out a tiara from high school and pretend to be Princess Katherine for a bit…maybe…

There you have it. Are you embarrassed for me? You probably should be.

Erin- I’m sorry for defacing your blog with my obsession.  But thank you for asking me to occupy your blog while you travel the world!

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  1. Ha ha! I love it! That's what the vacay days are for, right??

    I hope Erin is having a great getaway.....I need to be in Bora Bora:)

    I love LOVE wine....I'll come see!

    Have a great day-
    fun post!

  2. Love it!! I will be watching right along with you! I just have to get up an hour EARLIER because of the time difference. OUCH!

    However, I will also be heading to work after the wedding...could be a loooong day! ha.

    Great post!

  3. That is hilarious. I plead "I saw Charles and Di marry live" so I'm goig to DVR this one. hee hee

  4. haha i love that you are taking a vacation day! i do have my dvr ready, but i think i will have to wait and watch until the mister goes to the gym :)


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