Easter: Green Style

Hi all! I'm Leslie, teacher and
There you will follow me in my attempts to becoming more green one step at a time.

But first I want to thank Miss Erin for letting me visit her "home" so
to speak.  I'm super new (three weeks) to this blogging world and
super excited to show y'all what I got!
Since Easter is Sunday I thought I would get in the spirit by giving you all lovely readers at
Living in Yellow some tips on going green Easter style.
Sometimes Easter baskets are filled with re-usable items but usually they are filled with plastic grass and eggs along with sugary preservative filled candies. 
Now I love all those wonderful traditions that make Easter special but really there is nothing very
green or organic about it. 
But with these tips you can go GREEN!
Make sure to use an Easter basket or contanier that you will use year
after year.  It can be the traditional basket, a sand pail, or a tote

Instead of using the plastic green grass that is non-recyclable.
Why not use brightly colored shredded paper
from your very own office shredder? Even newspaper would work.

Dyeing your Eggs
Did you know that there are natural ways
to dye your eggs besides using food coloring?? Neither did I. 
Check out these creative ways to dye your eggs this year:
Yellow-Steep  two or three green tea or chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water and  then soak eggs in tea
until desired depth of yellow color appears.
Blue-Frozen blueberries
Red- Beets or raspberries
Pink-Use cranberry or red grape juice thinned with water
Green-Frozen spinach
Light Blue-Add purple grape juice and canned blueberries to the water
Lavender-Steep red zinger tea bags in hot water.
Put old spices to good use with these ideas and measure about one tablespoon per cup of water.
Vibrant Yellow-Boil ground cumin or turmeric in water
Orange-Cooking paprika in hot water produces an orange color
Earthy Rusty Brown-Add chili powder to heating water
Light Brown-Gold-Boil dill seeds in water for this muted earth-tone.
And they turn out just as pretty!

Wooden Eggs
Why not buy wooden eggs to decorate with paint or markers. So green, plus they make excellent keepsakes of your child's artwork.

Believe me, I know it's hard to break habits to start going green but
even just trying ONE of these things will put you and your family on
your way to a more natural, healthier Easter!
And the environment will thank you too!
Thanks to you all for taking your time to learn about some green tips.
 Can't wait to see you over at Natural Domestic Living!!



  1. I love this post. I completely agree.

    My son's Easter basket has be reused since he was a baby. He's now 13. Even though it contains the "plastic grass," it's the same grass as well.

    Thank goodness he doesn't really like candy. The treats this year included some "Annie's" granola bars and cheddar cracker. :) Can't stomach all the sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Yuck.

    Stop by and visit when you get a chance. Erin is one of my newest followers and absolutely adorable (jhkappes.blogspot.com).

    By the way, will you please tell her she is going to LOVE the ALLURE! I can't wait to plan my next sailing! The best!

    Happy Easter!


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