Blame It On The Pickles...

If you haven't noticed, this is not an Awkward & Awesome Post.
I typically write all my Thursday posts on Wednesdays and welp, guess what...
I failed at realizing this week that after Wednesday, Thursday appears.
Oh, and I had two pickles consuming my time last night.
Cuter than koshers though-these are real pickles. As in little kiddies.
Yup, that's right, I baby sat..real life, breathing, human beings.
Two of them, alone.
Why somebody thought this was a good idea I'm not sure?
But we managed.
Take a look...
Lessons Learned? Three girls under the age of 2 1/2 don't realize they should look at the camera when pictures are being taken, Mac & Cheese with Peas will satisfy any girls tummy, big sister knows best on when to shove a bottle into her little sisters crying mouth, little kids equal big messes, and last but not least..want peace in your home? Turn on Sponge Bob.
So, go ahead-be mad that today wasn't filled with Awkward & Awesome moments.
Just be mad at them.
They are much cuter than I, and are a lot easier to forgive.
And if you do forgive them me, come back tomorrow.
I PROMISE that you will see some A & A action in these parts.

Peace out lovers.



  1. So cute! I know all about the adventures of watching all too well... and the handful that they can be!! :)

    have a fab day doll!



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