Weekend In Review

If you haven't noticed already, usually at the end of every weekend I like to recap what I did.
This is more for my benefit than yours.
Ya see, my friend in Nashy & I always hash out what our weekend festivities were and more times than not, I can't remember.
80 yr olds-take solace in knowing this is not just a problem you struggle with. 
So here we have it: my weekend rewind.
..I wish I was a DJ and could spin a few records when I say weekend rewind.

Friday night we attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours, Shane.
S-Doggy as I like to call him.
The surprise was put on by his parents which I thought was awfully sweet.
Sweeter yet was the speech that S-doggy's dad gave to the table of 25 of us friends.
He reminded us how great it is that all of us have stayed close through High School and College-that what we have is so rare-and it's so true.
I got teary eyed, but what surprise is that?
I also didn't take any pictures of this event. Huge mistake. Sorry.

Saturday was filled with more celebrations.
First off, a baby shower for a friend of mine, Chrissy.
They recently adopted the sweetest little girl, Carly.
I could've cuddle bugged that sweetheart for hours but unfortunately I couldn't due to the wedding we had to attend.
Not that the wedding was unfortunate, but the fact I couldn't cuddle bug for hours. Got it?

Next things next, it was off to the wedding for my manager, Dave, and his beautiful bride Steph. It was a very nice wedding which also caused a few tears, and I had the pleasure of eating some fab chicken. Because that's what I care the most about-the food.
Ha Ha..kidding...
I have to give them some serious props for their music selection throughout the wedding.
The last song played was Katy Perry's Firework.
It caused some serious head bopping & foot tapping.
Shawn wasn't too pleased with me. Head bopping hater.

My lovely co-workers with the groom-boss man. I heart each & every one of them.

This brings us to Sunday.
Here's a glimpse of what's happened thus far:

To sum it up: We ate some delish Mexican food, played the "Oooh...I love this" game around Lowes Garden Section, took pictures of brightly colored frogs that you can set in your yard if thats what tickles your fancy, and I got to stare at Shawn's booty while he loaded up fertilizer. It was pretty magical.

In between all of the above, I also got to do two things:

paint my toesies



 Garment my house with every pastel color I can think of. Aka, decorate for Spring.
Yes, that is the Spring wreath I made up top.
I know it might not look as cute as the one I showed you here, but given my lack of creative bones, I am pretty proud of it.

Now I'm off to watch basketball take a nap.

If you haven't already checked, the giveaway winner was announced here.
Unless your name is Heather, you didn't win.
Sorry about your luck peeps.

Happy Weekend.


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