Rando Randomness

I'm shakin things up a bit today.
I've got no master plan of what I want to write about.
In fact, I haven't given one thought to it.
So, you're about to hear whatever little big thoughts are running thru my head. Speaking of which, I never know how to spell the word thru. It is that way or is it through? Help people.
Anyhow, this could be scary.
Get ready to be shaken.

1. So I've got three celebrations to attend within 24 hours. Birthday party, baby shower, and wedding. I feel like a walking streamer and noise maker just thinking about it. Two dilemmas here: I was planning on going tightless with a cute dress tomorrow. Welp, it's supposed to be high 30's and sunny. Does this mean I can't be bare legged? Advice. Seriously. I need it. Remind me again why I don't live in San Diego. Tights wouldn't exist in my world.
Secondly: I've got this bottle of champagne hanging out around my cubicle that is to go with one of my gifts.
A-this is probably illegal. B-I want to drink it. Is this a problem?

2. I was rummaging through (dang word, I switched up the spelling this time) pictures this morning and came across this. Yes, I have no make-up on, and yes, my eyelashes look like little pieces of thread. But I love it. I love it because I am squinting from the sun. And I happened to be on vaca. So ugly or not, it brings back good memories and isn't that what a picture is all about?

3. I just read an article about a girl who has a constant ringing (gas leak noise) in her ears from listening to her Ipod too loud. It will never go away the docs say. This scares me big time. I vow to never listen to my Ipod on deafening levels again. Mark my words.

4. I just ate pizza for breakfast, I am tired, and I have a headache.
On the flip side, it is Friday, the sun is poking out, and I am wearing jeans with the softest ND tee shirt known to man kind.
So i'd say I'm doing pretty well.
Really well if i'd tap into that champagne.

5. I'm tied for 12th in my NCAA bracket at work. Out of 91. Am I a baller or what?

6. I just overheard the word pen pal. I want one. Do you want to be mine?

7. I love asparagus but hate the side effects. I'll trust that you know what I am talking about here.

K-there you have it, my brain exposed.
Thankfully, I don't mean that literally.
Now I'm grossed out, meaning it is time for me to stop writing.

Happy Friday loves.



  1. dude, did you know I'm tied for 11th? Booyah!!!

  2. As I always I came for a good laugh and got one :) :) LOL over here!

    If I were you, I'd opt for the tights. You will freeze otherwise. Just think when it get's warmer it will be a whole new look with your cute little 20ish year old self~without the tights. (I'm not bitter at all with my 36ish self :)

    That picture is awesome. You remind me of your mom in that picture :) I can't wait to have a sun kissed face next week :) I love vaca!

    Happy weekend to you. :)

  3. I'll be your pen pal! Really, seriously, if you want one... Just an offer ;)
    Love your sunny squinty face! it's PERFECT! I miss the sun so so much.


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