Must-Have Mondays!

Welp folks, here we are again, another Monday is upon us.
If you are like me, you are not a huge fan of Mondays (except when the Bachelor is on, then I LOVE Mondays). In preparation for the Bachelor ending, I decided I need to have something additional to look forward to on Mondays.
I am thrilled to announce the addition of "Must-Have Mondays" to this little bloggy blog.
I am a HUGE fan of word of mouth advertising, or sharing, whatever you want to call it.
I love hearing from other people what they love and I love sharing what I love.
I wonder if I could say love one more time in that sentence?
Anyhoooo, every Monday I am going to share 3 products that make my life 102 times more enjoyable. Maybe in turn, you will invest in something I share, and your life will become 202 times more enjoyable.
Sounds exciting huh? Thought so.
First three items up for bid....

1. Smartwater. There are several reasons why this water is a million times better than all the rest. First off, Jennifer Aniston endorses it. Have I mentioned how much I love her? Secondly, it is the smoothest water that has ever touched my throat. I don't understand how they do it, but they do it. It might have something to do with the added electrolytes they put in there. Thirdly, it has cute little hidden messages on the inside of the bottle. Like for instance, the picture of a toad I just found that says Green is toadally sexy (in reference to recycling the bottle). And lastly, speaking of the bottle..they are huge. The bottle is 33.8 ounces. Two of those and you have your full 64 oz of water for the day. Phew, who knew I could obsess about water so much?


2. Leaf earrings. I don't really know why I love them, but I do. It has never been a longing desire of mine to replicate a tree, but for some reason having leaves hang from my ears is quite exciting. I have these in gold and silver and receive compliments on them frequently. Forever 21 was the home of my newest pair I purchased. I hope all of you bloggers purchase some so we can become our own little National forest together. Yosemeti will have nothing on us ;)

3. Satin Hands. This is a product that I got introduced to back in my days of selling Mary Kay. While I don't actively sell the product anymore, there are a few things that I am still in love with..like Satin Hands. It is a three step process that makes your hands so silky smooth. I can use it and feel the side effects for days. Smooth, hydrated, soft hands is one side effect I don't mind having. Try it. Your man will never want to stop holding your hand. Unless your rings get in the way like mine and hurt your man, then he won't care how soft your hands are. Need somebody to buy it from? Tell me, I'll hook ya up.

Well, there you have it! The very first "Must-Have Mondays" is officially under my belt.
No wonder I feel 5 pounds heavier, Hmmmm.
Any ways, hope you enjoyed it!

Special thanks to my friend Ashley over at Find Lifes Rhythm for this idea. She does this on Fridays and I always enjoy reading what products she recommends.
Check it out and double what items you need to add to your "must buy" list!
I apologize to your bank account in advance.



  1. Okay so I'm laughing at your #1, because that is so the reason I justified the purchases to my hubby. If Jennifer A. drinks it, it's aces in my book! Plus I love answering yes, when people ask, "Does that really make you smarter!?" Haha!

    Adorable blog!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!



  2. I JUST bought a pair of leaf earrings and they are changing my life!!! Great blog- love it!


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