Must-Have Mondays: Tuesday Edition

In the words of my man “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.” The good news is-I worked out today which means I get to blog…wahooooo. I hope you are thrilled as I am about this (No idea what I'm talking about? Read this.) My poor wimpy muscles are a little mad at me, but they’ll get over it. Bad news is-You now have three more items to go spend your hard earned money on. And let’s be honest shall we? It’s not really bad news, so really it’s a win-win all the way around. What items do I want to share with ya today? Read below. Maybe you’ll find out ;)
1. Microplush King Size Blanket. We received one of these babies for our wedding and it is hands down the most used, loved item in our house. I believe ours came from Bed Bath & Beyond but you can find them at an array of places. Like how I just said array like I actually use that in my everyday vocabulary? I love this for three reasons-It is huge, like big enough to build a fort in your living room huge, its crazy soft, and it is so warm. This thing is cozy enough to make me want to stay home from work (almost daily) and not get out of bed. I know, shocking that those thoughts even run through my head. Moral of the story: Do it up Charlie Brown style-Buy one, make sure to get it King size, and carry it around with you everywhere in your home. Except leave your thumb outta your mouth. Ka-peeeeeeesh?

2. Jillian Michaels DVDs. She may be a pain (literally) to listen to, but she knows what she is doing. If not being able to walk for at least three days from working out for just 20 minutes appeals to you, than these are the DVDs for you. She promises big results which mean she delivers killer workouts (spoken Jillian style). I have a variety of her DVD’s-30 Day Shred, Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, No More Trouble Zones, and Yoga Meltdown. None of which are easy, trust me. I stupidly thought these were gonna be a joke when I first started them. I was right, it was a joke-on me. So consider yourself warned: Its tough but it’s totally worth it. Cheers to getting shredded together.

3.  Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lemon Hand Soap. Apparently I can’t write a Must-Have Monday without including something from Bath & Body Works. To keep the tradition rolling, I introduce you to the freshest scent known to mankind. I recently ran out of soap in our kitchen, ran to our closet (where hundreds extra soaps are housed), and whipped out this bad boy to start using.
Holy moly.
It is uuuhhhhh-maaaaaaayzing. I mean every extra u, h, and a listed. Even hubs loves it. I am now looking for ways to get my hands dirty just so I can wash my hands. Weird? Try it; you’ll be doing the same thing. Guarantee it.
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QVC will have nothin on us.
Peace out ya'll.



  1. Good for you girl!

    I did the Shred video last year. I had/have a bad knee and after day 14-15, it couldn't take it any longer. I totally believe it works! I just started Hip Hop Abs and while it hurts my knee, it's not tooo bad. (I am just old and falling apart at this point, lol)

    Have a great day!

  2. Okay..So first off..you probably don't remember this but your dad totally yelled at us one of the first times I was at your house when we were like 6 for building a fort in your living room. Not the new room or new old room or new new room. The living room..605 woodbridge ct style. Soo funny. Secondly...I did Jillian 2 days ago and I'm dying...literally i whine everytime i stand or sit..or walk. I look like a grandma. Third---I missed your call due to my idiotic lifestyle and work schedule of night shift. Wanna talk after you get out of work tonight?? I work again but we can make it happen..riiiight? Lemme know chicky pie. mwah!


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