Must-Have Mondays: 3rd Edition

Ready for some more must-haves? Hope so because guess what? You are about to hear about them whether you’re ready or not-unless of course you exit my blog at this point.
But for all practical purposes, we’re going to pretend like you won’t do that.
Here we go…

1.       Keurig Platinum B70. I landed my eyes on this sucker about 2 years ago at Best Buy-picked it up-carried it to my husband-and informed him I made the executive decision we were going to take it home with us that day. For some outlandishly odd reason, he did not put up a fight.  Outlandish for 2 reasons..husband usually doesn’t like spending lots of money and two, husband does not drink coffee. Or should I say-DID not drink coffee. Until the birth of this baby. This machine is now the most used appliance in our house, mostly by him. It brews up the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or plain ole hot water (yes I drink just plain hot water sometimes) in seconds. Yup, seconds. And you can choose between 5 different sizes of cups (including an iced feature, although all this means is you physically put ice in your cup before brewing. I don’t really get it but whatever.) If you don’t own one, please purchase one. I wish I was Oprah Ellen and could give you fabulous audience all one, but surprise-I’m not. Put it on your birthday wish list. Don’t want to wait that long? Ask for it for Easter. You will be a changed woman. Or in our household, a changed man. My favorite k-cup to brew? Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee. The smell alone will make you hover directly over the brewer and inhale repeatedly while yelling to whoever is listening that you can’t believe it smells like a blueberry patch is growing smack dab in the middle of your kitchen. Not speaking from experience or anything. Happy drinking.

2.       Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co. Candles. You know those candles you’ve bought because they smelled so good in the store, you burned it once, and then all of a sudden the smell disappeared? That used to be my relationship experiences with candles. Until I broke up with them and got serious with Bath & Body works candles. Now we are inseparable.  All of the scents are delish, and they smell just as good, if not better, than the last time you burned it. Every single time. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it. And they do it well. Word of advice: Never pay full price ($20) for one of these. They frequently are 2 for $20. Double your pleasure and purchase two for the price of one. It only makes sense (no pun intended. Ok, lie-it was intended). What scents am I madly in love with right now?  Peppermint twist, Caribbean Escape, and White Citrus. Happy burning. And hopefully not your hand. I might’ve had a small mishap recently with lighting one of these. Don’t worry though-totally my fault, not the candles. Still purchase one two. Thank you.

I'm a little bit obsessed.

3.       Brown Boots. I don’t care what shade of brown, what height they are, or what season you wear them in. Just own them. And wear them whenever your little heart desires. My two favorite uses for them? Strolling the streets of wherever I am strolling (ie: Hobby Lobby this past weekend with my sister and Claire), country concerts, or for a nice game of Corn Hole. Oops. That was three uses, forgive me. I don’t know what my life would be without brown boots. But it sure wouldn’t be the same. And I kinda like my life, so brown boots-you’re not going anywhere. Except on my feet whenever I want to wear you :)




There you have it. Three more must-haves you must add to your already fabulous life. That is unless of course, you have already done so. Sometimes my new exciting things are old news to peeps. If that is the case-take satisfaction in knowing that you're cooler than me (sung to the tune of Mike Posner).

PS. I have to get my blood drawn at work today for Health Insurance purposes. There is not one bone in my body that is happy about this fact. I am scared petrified; in fact, I could puke just writing these words. So, if you feel like praying for my wimpy self, please do. It would be much appreciated. My nerves thank you. While your at it though, please pray for something of much more importance than my little situation-like Japan or Libya. Thanks & love ya’ll.
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  1. I love my Keurig! I wish I had invented it, lol.

    I got my first pair of tall brown boots for my bday and I love them. They are so classy byt they have a sipper that hurts :(

    You look so cute in yours!!

    I will say a prayer for you sweetie! Just keep your eyes closed ,lol, thats what I do!

    Happy first week of spring!

  2. Suck it up Erin, I have to get my blood drawn all the time with being pregnant and all!!! Haha just kidding about the suck it up part, not about me getting poked all the time. I never watch them poke me and that helps!

  3. Looove our Keurig too and I will be buying the blueberry coffee...and the bath and body candle...guess it's getting expensive reading your blog :) haha if I knew where you got the brown boots I'd probably go buy those too, although if I buy something your wearing it probably won't look as good on me...might be the 20 to 30 lbs I have on ya?!? Weird. :)


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