I Hope I Never Outgrow..

Jumping in the ocean...

Holding my dad's hand..

Never turning down a good dance partner..

Doing cartwheels just because...

Laughing with my husband..

Appreciating a good cocktail..

Finding humor in every circumstance..

Enjoying a sunset, no matter the setting..

My passionate love for Mac & Cheese..

My love to travel to new places..

Hugging my friends at any given chance..

Being goofy with my niece..

And playing with my nephew..

My desire to entertain friends & family..

Trying things outside of my comfort zone..

And looking at the world just a little bit differently than everybody else.

Happy weekend =)



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  1. you are exactly the same girl i remember from little league & i love it!! you have given me an inspiration to start my daughters blog back up & attempt my own :)


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