I have a secret...

I did not wash my hair today.
I woke up with a baaaaaaad stomach ache.
A stomach ache so bad that took my desire away to lather my head with shampoo.
And now my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.
So I here I sit.
Greasy, dirty, and completely okay with it.
I am blaming all of the above on that little thing called a period.
Pretty sure she is getting ready to make her grand appearance.
Yes, I just announced that and no, I don’t care.
Funny what she can do to ya.  
Hope your day is much cleaner than mine.
Love ya’ll.
Hope you still love me, dirty & all.



  1. Ohhhh, Erin, you never cease to make me giggle! I love it! I hope you enjoy your greasy day! :) And don't worry, I still love ya!

  2. Oh yes... the only awful thing about being a girl. I hate it too!


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