Don't Leave Me Alone..


(Ipod playing all the best beats)


(glass of wine)


(cute apron)

Because you might get..

(sliding across the floor)

And a little bit of..

(booty shakin)

Oh, and lots of..

(Droppin it low)

And even more..

(sliding across the floor)

All of it mixed together and..

you get a deeeelicious batch of cookies.

When's the last time you've had that much fun baking?

Oh and neighbors, you are welcome for the fabulous entertainment I provided you with. Betcha didn't expect that on a Thursday night did ya?

 You can thank me later for keeping hubby in the basement while this all took place. He would've gotten embarrassed and made me close the curtains. He can be such a wimpy wimp.

Happy Friday to you all!

Oh, and I rubbed some cookies on my screen so you could have some. Just lick your screen and enjoy ;)



  1. Please post the recipe for you DELICIOUS recipe for those oh so soft chocolate cookies!


  2. Oh yum... the best cookies are made with love and dancing :)


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