Craft Night

Tonight marks the first ever Craft Night with my sister and my friend Becky.
How I was thrown into this event I have no idea.
Apparently those two ladies have failed to pick up on the fact that I AM NOT CRAFTY.
So anyhow, I believe we were supposed to go to Michaeals or someplace similar and pick up all the items needed for tonight. I decided to forego that idea and I bought what I thought would be essential for Craft Night:

What else could you possibly need?

Who knows, maybe after a couple glasses of Sangria I will put together a fancy schmancy mozzarella hair bow?
 I bet none of you crafy folk have ever thought of that idea before huh?
If anybody would like to pre-order one now, please drop me a line.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. :) sounds fun! Sangria is my favorite! and as much as I appreciate crafting, I don't always feel very confident in my own abilities therefore I shy away from it.
    Did you make something? You should share it :)

  2. Um, sign me up for one mozzerella hair bow please. After all, you never know when you might want to pull a snack from the top of your head.


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