Breaking The Rules..

Yeah, yeah...I know. Today is supposed to be Must-Have Mondays.
Well surprise, it's not.
I have not taken the time to sit down and think/write that post yet.
Ya see, I've come to a few realizations over the past 24 hours. These realizations made me realize (bc I guess that's what realizations make you do):
If I don't feel like/have the time to write a certain post, then I am not going to. I know this seems like common sense, but for me it's hard to do.
I have been doing a little something I like to call compromising lately.
Compromising what you may ask?
Let me break it down for ya..Wicka wicka (that was more DJ spinning on the turn tables, fyi)

1. My time with God. I had gotten in a pretty good habit of waking up in the morning, getting in the word, and spending a little while in prayer.
Welp, I've blown that one. And I miss it..
You ever have those times when ya feel like you just need some Jesus time?
Well, I need some Jesus time.
While I love you bloggy friends, and I love writing these posts..He loves me the most.
So, to get to the point: I'm not going to compromise my time deepening my relationship with Christ by spending countless hours on the internet. Got it? Good.
2. My time with Shawn. Ever since I have started this blog, I've had a fear that he would start despising my hobby. Not that he does (at least I don't think) or that he makes me feel this way, I just want to make sure it never gets to that point. I never want to make him feel like my little hobby is more important than him. It is so flippin easy to come home for the day, make my way into the office, and camp out here for hours. I hope you understand what I'm sayin. So, if I feel like cuddlin for hours instead of wearing out my eyeballs and fingers, I'm going to cuddle.
And I'm gonna love every minute of it a heck of a lot more than I like sittin here.
Bet your bottom dollar on that one.
3. My time to get sweaty. Lets face it-blogging isn't the most physical sport around.
This paired with my desk job, does not help me stay fit and shed pounds. I crave good sweat sessions and its about time for me to start giving into my cravings. I miss my defined triceps, my rounder booty, my energy, and the overall feel good endorphins it realeses. Also, the undeniable fact that bathing suit season is quickly approaching motivates me a wee tad bit.
This would be Shawn & I canoeing. This means two things: Swimsuit & arm strength.
Working out is needed for both.
To sum it up: there is not one bad thing that working out does for me.
So my new rule: I can only blog on days that I've spent a minimum of 25 minutes working out.
End of story.

So there we have it folks-
I love this.
But, I love other things more.

Come back tomorrow-Must Haves will make their grand appearance then.
That is of course as long as I get my exercise in... ;)



  1. Good Priorities Erin! I've had the same feelings over here. Add 4 kids into the mix, and I think I will never have time for blogs. Reading or writing them. :(

  2. I respect you so much for this post!! SO MUCH. I actually was considering a weekly post of my weekly time with the Lord. Give insight to my life & how God is working. I would say that would be a double bonus on spending time in the Word & blogging, not to mention sharing it :)

    I totally respect the quality time with Shawn & working out as well. You've made yourself into a little role model for me. THANKS

  3. I have the same convictions, Erin! Thanks for the reminder!! :)

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