Not Foolin Ya Here..Best Lasagna Ever.

So at first I had this big ole April Fools post planned that may or may not have been regarding me being pregnant. After giving some thought to it, I realized it may be quite disheartening when the fools part came out to those family members & friends of mine who frequently like to beg me to pop a baby in my belly.
So I thought, if I'm not going to do that..I might as well post a Lasagna recipe, right?
Because when the day comes that I do have a baby in my belly..
you better believe I'll be eatin this stuff up.
And just to make sure we're all on the same page here, I'm not preggo.
But I do like lasagna.
Especially this lasagna, my mom's special recipe.
So special I don't even know if I'm allowed to share it with the world like I'm doing right now?
Guess its too late...
Not to brag or anything, buuuuut I've had several people now tell me this is the best lasagna they've ever had.
Hope your ready for the endless compliments this dish delivers.
Oh, and the name? I made it up. But after you make it, you'll agree its pretty fitting.

Best Lasagna Ever

6 lasagna noodles
1 lb hamburger
1/2 pound mild italian sausage
3/4 cup chopped onion
1 28 oz can italian plum diced tomatoes (undrained)
6 oz tomato paste
1 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon oregeno
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 15 oz container ricotta cheese
1 cup cottage cheese
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/4 cup parsley
1 lb mozzerela cheese (4 cups)

-Cook noodles according to package. Place in cold water.
-Brown hamburger, sausage, and onions together (drain grease)
-Add diced tomatoes, tomato paste, basil, oregeno, sugar, garlic powder, and salt to meat mixture. Cook on low for 30-45 minutes.
-Mix eggs, ricotta, parmesan, parsley, and cottage cheese together.
-Place 1/2 cup meat mixture in bottom of baking dish.
-Place 3 noodles on top
-Put 1/2 of cheese mixture over noodles
-Put 1/2 of meat mixture next
-Then place 1/2 of mozzerala cheese over that
-Layer 3 more noodles, and repeat layers listed above.
-Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes.

Devour every bite and love it.

And because I don't have any pictures of this actual lasagna, I thought I'd wet your whistle with a few appetizing pictures of other lasagnas...

Oh, woops. Some how he came up when I googled delicious? Weird.

Happy Weekend Loves.

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PS. If you missed my "Best Mac & Cheese Ever" Recipe..find it here.
You won't be disappointed you clicked on the link.

Pair with garlic bread, asparagus or green beans, and a couple glasses of wine.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Volume 8

Hate to break it to ya, but my funny bones are gone today.
I think they got ate up by my allergy attack. Instead of laughing, I am sneezing. It’s pretty awesome.
I’m going to do my best attempt at making you little kitties laugh, but I make no promises. All I can promise is that I have Kleenex hanging out of my nose while writing this. In fact, hubs does too. I tried to convince him we should take a picture of this beautiful sight and use it for our Christmas cards but he wasn’t diggin the idea. Anyhooo…We’re keepin it short and sweet today. At least we’re gonna try….
Here goes nothin.
1. Peeing your pants. Especially awkward when you are standing in line at a mall it suddenly comes gushing down your leg. Or when you are in your mom’s car, one street away from your home and the flood gates open. If you have to pick one, go with the mall. You get to buy new jeans and panties that way. And you won’t have a mad mother. Not speaking from experience or anything. Note to reader: If I’m ever behind you in a bathroom line and I say I have to pee followed by a few squirmy moves, believe me. I don’t kid around about such serious issues.
2. The fact that I wore this shoe & sock combo to work this week and didn’t give two thoughts to it:
Why I thought this would be acceptable that morning I have no idea? Needless to say, I tried to hide my feet the rest of the day but was pretty unsuccessful in doing so. I would say this is the last time I get asked for fashion advice, but I would have to have a first time to make that true.

3. I’ve had major issues lately while talking on the phone (which happens to be my job). Instead of writing these all in separate entries we are going to group them all together for one big  “Erin shouldn’t be in the line of work she is in” realization post. First off, I’ve been clicking my voicemail button mid-conversation, sending them directly to “Hello, you’ve reached the desk of Erin…” mid-sentence. I’d love to see their eyebrows raise when they get hit with that shocker.  Oops. Secondly, with this cold, my brain thinks it is much more appropriate to end a call with a sneeze instead of a goodbye. Why end with words when you can blow snot at them thru the phone? Third, I had this convo: Me “And can I have your account number?” Them: “Let me get it, one second.” Me: “Okay, one second.” Wrong. There was no need to just repeat what they said back to them. Pretty sure it caught them as off guard as it did I. Lastly, I had a member ask for a female..I respond with “Okay let me see if he is available..umm, I mean she.” Sure enough I follow it right up with “They aren’t available..would you like his voicemail?”

4. At the wedding I told you about a few posts back, they had cupcakes which had blue frosting. NBD right? Wrong. Everybody who ate them had the bluest of teeth, tongue, and lips I've ever seen. Pair this with a girl who ate one, did not realize the side effects, and posed for a picture smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen somebody smile (and managed to have frosting left on both sides of her mouth) and you have what would be one of the more awkward moments of this girls life. Our table witnessed it going down, and had tears rolling down our faces. Poor thing, and now she ends up in this awkward post.
Sorry blue toothed bandit, but it was funnnnny.
Think this-only not on a hairy male.
5. How my eyes squint to the point they are closed when talking to somebody face to face, thanks to my allergies. I could inform them why my eyes are now closed when talking, but nah, I guess I like to keep them guessing.
1. Booths big enough to spread out on at restaurants. There is nothing more relaxing than taking in a gourmet meal while leaning back against the wall and having my feet & legs propped up next to me. I hope you know what I'm talking about here. This behavior is acceptable for females I've decided, but not acceptable for professional business men dining with other business men. Especially when male sitting with legs straight out on the booth have dress socks pulled up mid calf.
2. So I went to take a picture with my niece Claire this weekend because well, that’s what I do. And what does she do? As soon as she sees the flash start, she turns instantly and licks my face. I am so proud that she is taking after me more and more every day. Ya see, I had a mild obsession in 3rd grade with licking everybody I came in contact with. Claire, you’re headed in the right direction baby girl.

3. Banana time with Maggs. Every morning I get to yell “ITS BANANA TIME” and my pup comes rushing to my side, pouncing up and down, and waiting for her little bites of banana to be dropped on the floor for her. It makes me feel like a mother bird feeding her babes. Total success since that’s a feeling I’ve always longed for. Shawn thinks this whole ordeal is weird, but I think he is just trying to cover up his jealousy that he isn’t a father bird. Bet ya anything he just rolled his eyes reading this. Jealousy does that to ya.

4. Thrift shopping. I’ve never really done it until this past Tuesday when my mom asked me to go with her to a local store that sells new, old, and used items. I walked away spending $64 and got all of the below. Only sketchy moment was when the woman ringing me up who happened to have a heart tattoo on her trachea answered her cell phone with “Bail Bonds”. Hmmm? Guess that’s the price you pay for cheap items. Anyhow, I just might have to try this again

5. Being in my pajamas & on the couch by 5:30 pm last evening.

6. In midst of my lazy spell I got to thinkin about this 5k that is being held tomorrow night in my part of town. So then I thought-I wonder if I can run a 5k? So I did. 3.5 miles later, I was acting as if I was breaking thru the finish lines. Hands in the air, cheering, the whole bit. Snot faced and all. So this leaves me questioning if I should run tomorrow? TBD. Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out.

7. April Fools Day. It’s tomorrow in case you forgot. I hope you have big things planned, I know I do. Too bad I can’t tell you. That would take the fool out of the day and who wants that?

There ya have it folks. Time to link, link, link it up.
As in, link up your blog if you have some Awkward & Awesome moments today, k?
Happy Day Before Fools Day.
I totally just said that because it rhymes..
If using the same word counts as rhyming?
Peace out loves.



Wordless Wednesday

Let me tell you how happy I am to have found this today:

So happy. Ya wanna know why? Because I don't have a darn word to say right now.
I am currently suffering from an ongoing allergy attack.
It's clouded my nose, my eyes, and my brain apparently.
Interesting, I just found used kleenex toilet paper hanging out of my robe...
Anyhow, since I'm wordless I'm going to allow those much wiser than I to talk.
Happy wordless Wednesday to you.
I take that back-I'll save my hugs & kisses for a non-allergenic day.


Must-Have Mondays: Tuesday Edition

In the words of my man “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.” The good news is-I worked out today which means I get to blog…wahooooo. I hope you are thrilled as I am about this (No idea what I'm talking about? Read this.) My poor wimpy muscles are a little mad at me, but they’ll get over it. Bad news is-You now have three more items to go spend your hard earned money on. And let’s be honest shall we? It’s not really bad news, so really it’s a win-win all the way around. What items do I want to share with ya today? Read below. Maybe you’ll find out ;)
1. Microplush King Size Blanket. We received one of these babies for our wedding and it is hands down the most used, loved item in our house. I believe ours came from Bed Bath & Beyond but you can find them at an array of places. Like how I just said array like I actually use that in my everyday vocabulary? I love this for three reasons-It is huge, like big enough to build a fort in your living room huge, its crazy soft, and it is so warm. This thing is cozy enough to make me want to stay home from work (almost daily) and not get out of bed. I know, shocking that those thoughts even run through my head. Moral of the story: Do it up Charlie Brown style-Buy one, make sure to get it King size, and carry it around with you everywhere in your home. Except leave your thumb outta your mouth. Ka-peeeeeeesh?

2. Jillian Michaels DVDs. She may be a pain (literally) to listen to, but she knows what she is doing. If not being able to walk for at least three days from working out for just 20 minutes appeals to you, than these are the DVDs for you. She promises big results which mean she delivers killer workouts (spoken Jillian style). I have a variety of her DVD’s-30 Day Shred, Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, No More Trouble Zones, and Yoga Meltdown. None of which are easy, trust me. I stupidly thought these were gonna be a joke when I first started them. I was right, it was a joke-on me. So consider yourself warned: Its tough but it’s totally worth it. Cheers to getting shredded together.

3.  Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lemon Hand Soap. Apparently I can’t write a Must-Have Monday without including something from Bath & Body Works. To keep the tradition rolling, I introduce you to the freshest scent known to mankind. I recently ran out of soap in our kitchen, ran to our closet (where hundreds extra soaps are housed), and whipped out this bad boy to start using.
Holy moly.
It is uuuhhhhh-maaaaaaayzing. I mean every extra u, h, and a listed. Even hubs loves it. I am now looking for ways to get my hands dirty just so I can wash my hands. Weird? Try it; you’ll be doing the same thing. Guarantee it.
I think we need to start linking up Must-Haves. Yup, pretty sure we do. So, if you want to write about one, three, or a thousand things you love, please do. Link up your blog below & be kind enough to tell your readers about my blog by using one of my buttons on my sidebar.  Over there ---->
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QVC will have nothin on us.
Peace out ya'll.



Breaking The Rules..

Yeah, yeah...I know. Today is supposed to be Must-Have Mondays.
Well surprise, it's not.
I have not taken the time to sit down and think/write that post yet.
Ya see, I've come to a few realizations over the past 24 hours. These realizations made me realize (bc I guess that's what realizations make you do):
If I don't feel like/have the time to write a certain post, then I am not going to. I know this seems like common sense, but for me it's hard to do.
I have been doing a little something I like to call compromising lately.
Compromising what you may ask?
Let me break it down for ya..Wicka wicka (that was more DJ spinning on the turn tables, fyi)

1. My time with God. I had gotten in a pretty good habit of waking up in the morning, getting in the word, and spending a little while in prayer.
Welp, I've blown that one. And I miss it..
You ever have those times when ya feel like you just need some Jesus time?
Well, I need some Jesus time.
While I love you bloggy friends, and I love writing these posts..He loves me the most.
So, to get to the point: I'm not going to compromise my time deepening my relationship with Christ by spending countless hours on the internet. Got it? Good.
2. My time with Shawn. Ever since I have started this blog, I've had a fear that he would start despising my hobby. Not that he does (at least I don't think) or that he makes me feel this way, I just want to make sure it never gets to that point. I never want to make him feel like my little hobby is more important than him. It is so flippin easy to come home for the day, make my way into the office, and camp out here for hours. I hope you understand what I'm sayin. So, if I feel like cuddlin for hours instead of wearing out my eyeballs and fingers, I'm going to cuddle.
And I'm gonna love every minute of it a heck of a lot more than I like sittin here.
Bet your bottom dollar on that one.
3. My time to get sweaty. Lets face it-blogging isn't the most physical sport around.
This paired with my desk job, does not help me stay fit and shed pounds. I crave good sweat sessions and its about time for me to start giving into my cravings. I miss my defined triceps, my rounder booty, my energy, and the overall feel good endorphins it realeses. Also, the undeniable fact that bathing suit season is quickly approaching motivates me a wee tad bit.
This would be Shawn & I canoeing. This means two things: Swimsuit & arm strength.
Working out is needed for both.
To sum it up: there is not one bad thing that working out does for me.
So my new rule: I can only blog on days that I've spent a minimum of 25 minutes working out.
End of story.

So there we have it folks-
I love this.
But, I love other things more.

Come back tomorrow-Must Haves will make their grand appearance then.
That is of course as long as I get my exercise in... ;)



Weekend In Review

If you haven't noticed already, usually at the end of every weekend I like to recap what I did.
This is more for my benefit than yours.
Ya see, my friend in Nashy & I always hash out what our weekend festivities were and more times than not, I can't remember.
80 yr olds-take solace in knowing this is not just a problem you struggle with. 
So here we have it: my weekend rewind.
..I wish I was a DJ and could spin a few records when I say weekend rewind.

Friday night we attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours, Shane.
S-Doggy as I like to call him.
The surprise was put on by his parents which I thought was awfully sweet.
Sweeter yet was the speech that S-doggy's dad gave to the table of 25 of us friends.
He reminded us how great it is that all of us have stayed close through High School and College-that what we have is so rare-and it's so true.
I got teary eyed, but what surprise is that?
I also didn't take any pictures of this event. Huge mistake. Sorry.

Saturday was filled with more celebrations.
First off, a baby shower for a friend of mine, Chrissy.
They recently adopted the sweetest little girl, Carly.
I could've cuddle bugged that sweetheart for hours but unfortunately I couldn't due to the wedding we had to attend.
Not that the wedding was unfortunate, but the fact I couldn't cuddle bug for hours. Got it?

Next things next, it was off to the wedding for my manager, Dave, and his beautiful bride Steph. It was a very nice wedding which also caused a few tears, and I had the pleasure of eating some fab chicken. Because that's what I care the most about-the food.
Ha Ha..kidding...
I have to give them some serious props for their music selection throughout the wedding.
The last song played was Katy Perry's Firework.
It caused some serious head bopping & foot tapping.
Shawn wasn't too pleased with me. Head bopping hater.

My lovely co-workers with the groom-boss man. I heart each & every one of them.

This brings us to Sunday.
Here's a glimpse of what's happened thus far:

To sum it up: We ate some delish Mexican food, played the "Oooh...I love this" game around Lowes Garden Section, took pictures of brightly colored frogs that you can set in your yard if thats what tickles your fancy, and I got to stare at Shawn's booty while he loaded up fertilizer. It was pretty magical.

In between all of the above, I also got to do two things:

paint my toesies



 Garment my house with every pastel color I can think of. Aka, decorate for Spring.
Yes, that is the Spring wreath I made up top.
I know it might not look as cute as the one I showed you here, but given my lack of creative bones, I am pretty proud of it.

Now I'm off to watch basketball take a nap.

If you haven't already checked, the giveaway winner was announced here.
Unless your name is Heather, you didn't win.
Sorry about your luck peeps.

Happy Weekend.


31 Giveaway Winner Announced

After sleeping 12 hours straight, I am bright eyed, bushy tailed and exccciiitteeed to announce our first ever giveaway winner. WAHOOOOOO!!!!
Drumroll please....

Congratulations Heather!
I will be in contact with you soon!

Thanks so much to all of you wonderful people who entered. There will be more giveaways to come so enter again k?
You could be the next winner.

..New post coming later today, come back again.
Happy Sunday.



Rando Randomness

I'm shakin things up a bit today.
I've got no master plan of what I want to write about.
In fact, I haven't given one thought to it.
So, you're about to hear whatever little big thoughts are running thru my head. Speaking of which, I never know how to spell the word thru. It is that way or is it through? Help people.
Anyhow, this could be scary.
Get ready to be shaken.

1. So I've got three celebrations to attend within 24 hours. Birthday party, baby shower, and wedding. I feel like a walking streamer and noise maker just thinking about it. Two dilemmas here: I was planning on going tightless with a cute dress tomorrow. Welp, it's supposed to be high 30's and sunny. Does this mean I can't be bare legged? Advice. Seriously. I need it. Remind me again why I don't live in San Diego. Tights wouldn't exist in my world.
Secondly: I've got this bottle of champagne hanging out around my cubicle that is to go with one of my gifts.
A-this is probably illegal. B-I want to drink it. Is this a problem?

2. I was rummaging through (dang word, I switched up the spelling this time) pictures this morning and came across this. Yes, I have no make-up on, and yes, my eyelashes look like little pieces of thread. But I love it. I love it because I am squinting from the sun. And I happened to be on vaca. So ugly or not, it brings back good memories and isn't that what a picture is all about?

3. I just read an article about a girl who has a constant ringing (gas leak noise) in her ears from listening to her Ipod too loud. It will never go away the docs say. This scares me big time. I vow to never listen to my Ipod on deafening levels again. Mark my words.

4. I just ate pizza for breakfast, I am tired, and I have a headache.
On the flip side, it is Friday, the sun is poking out, and I am wearing jeans with the softest ND tee shirt known to man kind.
So i'd say I'm doing pretty well.
Really well if i'd tap into that champagne.

5. I'm tied for 12th in my NCAA bracket at work. Out of 91. Am I a baller or what?

6. I just overheard the word pen pal. I want one. Do you want to be mine?

7. I love asparagus but hate the side effects. I'll trust that you know what I am talking about here.

K-there you have it, my brain exposed.
Thankfully, I don't mean that literally.
Now I'm grossed out, meaning it is time for me to stop writing.

Happy Friday loves.



Awkward & Awesome Thursdays: Volume Number I Forget

So here’s the good word:  I need to apologize to all of your eyeballs, brains, and attention spans.  I was reading my blog post last Thursday and had trouble paying attention half way through. That puppy was long. And I mean waaaaaaaaay long. I am going to assume that all of you are as ADD as I am and make the executive decision to shorten these suckers. Capice? For those of you like me, you would have no idea what word that is unless it’s spelled out as it would be announced. Ka-Peesh-which is Italian for understanding. I knew you were all hoping to have an Italian lesson today. Good thing I listened to my instincts and gave you one.
K, now seriously, onto the point of this post.
1.       All this talk about ADD brings me to my first awkward point. My lack of focus. I can’t stay on one screen for more than 20 seconds at work, so I am constantly clicking between the 8 different programs I have open. Open, minimize, open, close, etc. This causes me to get nauseous. Nauseous to the point where I have to turn my chair around and stare at a blank wall for a period of time. No joke. Spend a day in my cubicle; we could have a puking rally together.
2. So I’m minding my own business, grilling some burgers outside and I notice my neighbor is in our front yard. Jumping back and forth, arms out, palms up (think basketball drill) trying to snatch his dog. This was not a quick thing either. It lasted minutes, and more minutes. I didn’t know what to do so I went into my house, laughed in my kitchen, and came back out to the grill. Only to find him still pouncing around my yard. We didn’t speak, just did the head nod. And I stared-not a little, but a lot. And managed to discreetly giggle during the whole episode. He might’ve been under the age of 10, but still people, it was awkward. That or I'm immature and laugh at a little boy chasing his dog in my yard..hmmm?
3. Bloody noses. Especially when you just start a new job and are in a one-on-one training session with somebody and it starts gushing out of nowhere, causing the trainer to have a mild freakout session with you and shoo you away to the bathroom to get washed up. I mean can you imagine how embarrassing that would be? I can.
4. Being all clever and dropping some serious movie lingo with "You got it Clark" (think Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold) to somebody over the phone and they respond with dead silence. "Uuuhh, do you not know what I am talking about?" "Nope, no clue." Then having to hash out why you just called them Clark and not their real name. Fyi-if I ever call you Clark, amuse me and just go with it. Thanks.

5. Walking into a public bathroom stall to find the toilet seat already perfectly lined with toilet paper for your sitting pleasure. Probably more awkward is the fact that I thought somebody purposely did this for me (because clearly they would know that I am going to be the next one to walk into that stall) so I say out loud "Auww..that was sweet." After speaking the words, I realized this was not intended for me & that I probably did not want to sit on this leftover paper.
6. Talking to a member (lingo for customer) on the phone and out of nowhere the gentleman says "You have a beautiful talking voice...are you married?" I dumbly responded with Yes. Why do I not think of more clever responses in situations like these? "No I am not married and I am so glad you asked-I think your voice is pretty hot too, wanna get hitched?" would've been way more fun. More awkward is that he was at the BMV sitting smack dab in front of a woman who was helping him. You didn't just creep her out 100% or anything buddy, good work.
7. Walking along & suddenly thinking that you see something flying at your head. This happens to me way too often. It's a nice mix of ducking at lightning speed with your hands covering your head and screaming all at once. Why do people always have to be around when stuff like this happens? I'm blessed to not be in a mental institute yet because of mishaps like this.
8. Opening my clemmy to find a replica of myself after sitting in the bath too long. Something in me just did not feel right about eating this.

1. The famous clearance section at Target. I scored these two babies for less than $5 total. I totally should've been born there. Now, that'd be awesome. Maybe not to the guests who were shopping at the moment of my birth, but to have that on my life resume..oh the possibilites.
2. 2nd ever Craft Night is tonight at my sissy's house. I am stoked. First craft night was a little bit iffy for me since the craft being made was baby hair bows. My lack of baby is what made it iffy. Buuuut, tonight we are making this:
Thats right. I am making one of these. All I need is to place to hang it, and good news for me: I have a place to do so. I know I have bragged about my lack of creativity on here before but tonight I am bustin out of that rut. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post a picture. We can all get a good laugh together at how mine doesn't look a darn thing like this picture above. Check back in a few days for that-no charge to the comedy show :)

3. Welp, shucks. I had the most awesome thing written here until Shawn proof-read my post and made me delete it immediately. So here sits poor number 3, lonely with no explanation behind her name. Betcha your brains are running wild trying to figure out what was so awesome that I couldn't write about. Guess you'll never know...hehehe. 
4. My killer workout Monday night. Running & Jillian-all in the same day. Sure, I might've not been able to move the past few days but it was worth it. Pretty sure my diet of Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Tacos, Hacienda chips & ranch, and Wendys kaboshed anything good I had going for me though. Ooopsie. If it just didn't taste so good...
5. Learning something new everyday. Yesterday I learned a VIL (Very Important Lesson). Do not dance in your bathroom and decide to do a stomp move while your blow dryer's cord is hanging out on the ground with both prongs sticking straight up at  you. Ouch. I did exactly this. Stomped onto the prong, which went in my heel, bled, and caused me tears. Hubs first reaction "Don't cry..you just did your make-up!" What a smart cookie I got. Oh, and my calf muscles are now stronger after walking on my toes all day. Suuuh-weet. Pretty sure I get to be babied now. Meet the culprit:
6. How I sound exactly like every single singer on the radio. It's pretty much amazing how dead on I am. Rihanna, Alanis, Zac Brown, Bruno..the list could go on & on. Guess I'm just a natural.
7. And the best for last..apparently husband is in a competition to win Husband of the Year 2011. Other husbands-sorry, but you just lost. I received my work schedule for the month of April and noticed I had 5 days off in a row. After raising my brows for a second, I ask my manager "did I tell you I need those dates off?" After his poor attempt at convincing me that I did tell him, he informed me that he was notified via my husband that I am having those days off. Word on the street is I have a surprise vaca planned. My stomach is doing flip flops right now. And no it's not because of my diet this week, its the excitement folks. WOOOO-HOOOOOO FOR SURPRISE VACAS. K, I'll simmer down now. Maybe.

So there you have it-my attempt to make this post shorter.
Sorry folks, guess your gonna have to start taking your ADD medication before visiting my bloggy blog. Speaking of which, I don’t know why I always call it that, but it sounds much cuter in my head. And I like cute things : )

Oh and hey, if you haven’t yet-make sure and sign up for the 31 giveaway HERE. You have 4,320 minutes to get your entry in. Time is ticking…
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