Valentines Day

Much love from me to you, xoxo.

Our morning started out with tears. This may sound like a bad thing, but trust me, they were not sad tears..they were great tears, the kind you get from busting up laughing so hard. Shawn got out of the shower with a sticker on his ear. A sticker that I might’ve placed on his pillow a couple of nights ago (those Clementine stickers can be used for anything). I love the fact that my Valentine's Day started out with my husband wearing “I want to be your cutie” on his ear.
It doesn't get much sweeter than that :)
Now we will both head off to work, have a helicopter pick us up for our lunch date (Shawn said so…I have a fear though that the helicopter may get lost and we will actually have to drive to lunch or something silly like that), grill out cheeseburgers for dinner (no heart shaped patties here though, just the plain ole round ones), I will then depart for bible study, and we will be reunited on the couch to end our day with The Bachelor. I am sure their helicopter driver won’t get lost. Somewhere in between all this we will have the opportunity to exchange cards (or Shawn’s method, a white piece of paper with writing on it). This year I went alllllll out though and spent $4.99 (gasp) on a card. I never go this extreme but it was well worth it for two reasons:
1. It references macaroni and cheese and 2. It sings for you.
Oh, and I also garnished it with a few more of those cute little stickers I have been saving. I can't wait to see where those magically appear tomorrow ;)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

PS. If you think that I saw this shirt in a window display and walked in to the store, tried it on, and took a picture just for my beloved readers, you might be right.


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  1. Hey Erin! I saw you followed my blog so I thought I'd swing in and say hello! Your blog looks great and I'm sure I'll be back! By the way...I tried on the exact same shirt! Ha!

    Have a great day!



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