Snook Out 2011

By the subject of this post, you might be led to believe we had Snookie over this weekend. While that would be entertaining, it means something slightly different. We had a cook out.. in the snow, which I am calling a Snook Out.  I am starting to believe that if I think summer thoughts and partake in summer activities, it will magically appear. There is nothing that screams summer louder to me than a good ole fashion cook out. So that is what we did in our household. Sure, there might be several feet of snow sitting atop our lush green grass, but that didn’t stop us. Snook Out 2011 started with a dance party in our basement to one of our favorite bands, The August (Check them out..you won’t regret it). After working up a sweat we were ready to face the freezing temps. We broke out the grill, cooked up cheeseburgers, baked beans, and our favorite..Hilltop Potato salad. If you live in this area, it is a must buy. Chances are pretty good you aren’t truly alive if you haven’t tried it yet, vital my friends, vital. The dinner was a success-I could taste the sun & 80 degree temps in my mouth. And amazingly enough, the sun was out in full force while we grilled and ate, proving my theory true. Summer is on its way people. You can thank me and my snook out for that.
When it looks like this outside...

Why not have a cook (snook) out?!?!

On another note, there happens to be a football game on today. This means two great things for me: Food & Keith Urban. If I am going to sit in front of a TV for 5+ hours, I better have food in front of me & a good looking man (we will get to that part in a second). So, what’s on the menu in this house? White chicken chili (great recipe compliments of mi Madre) and chocolate chip cookies. Not just any cookies, award-winning ones. Thank you to my sister for these. She introduced me to the recipe years ago. I now have her to thank for an extra five pounds of fat I carry around. So worth it though, so I am not going to complain. Here are the fabulous recipes behind these mouth watering inventions.
White Chicken Chili with a Mexican Twist
1 lb white meat chicken or 30 oz can
48 oz Northern Beans
24 oz Salsa
16 oz Sour Cream
3 ½ cup Chicken Broth
4 oz Green Chilies
Cook 30-40 minutes, or if you are like me and prefer to use the crock pot-simmer on low for 6-8 hours.
Garnish with Fritos & shredded cheese

Now back to the good looking man. If Shawn ever decides to leave me, I have a back-up. Us girls have to plan for everything right? This man happens to be Keith Urban, who happens to be performing in the pregame festivities on Fox. Boo-yah.

It is a good day when you have two things to drool over J
Happy Sunday everybody!



  1. We WILL see Keith when you are here in April!! I promise! We will just camp out at his Starbucks!

  2. Oh I so hope you are right. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it. I also am sad though because I miss you (tear).


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