About two years ago I was wandering in and out of stores around Chicago and laid eyes on what would be one of the best investments I have ever made. There in front of me sat a journal, not just any journal, but a gratitude journal. I am a huge fan of positive thinking so I immediately made the $15 purchase and started on my journey of documenting things, events, and thoughts that made each day a tad bit more wonderful. It is amazing what this did for me. Each morning I woke up with a new purpose of having my eyes wide open for great things that were going to happen that day. I suddenly was more aware of simple joys surrounding me. Yes, not so great things still worked there way into my days occasionally, but I was not allowed to write about these things. I have completed my first 365 days, and now have the best reading material of all time. If I am ever feeling as though nothing is going right in my world, I open the journal and am instantly reminded that I have multiple blessings to be thankful for.
Have I convinced you to purchase one for yourself? Click Here. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. funny! I read this and then about an hour later saw this pretty little book in a store! I didn't buy it but being positive is a big part of my every day!
    ps I saw that you have more followers! yeah! :)


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