Blank Space

I have got a problem on my hands today folks, it is called "I can not think of a thing to write about today" aka Writers Block. I am blaming it on the following reasons:
  • This cold is clouding my head
  • Martini night was last night. Nuff said.
  • Internet is down at my house. This makes using the internet a little bit harder as you can imagine.
  • I have mucho to write up for tomorrow's Awkward & Awesome Thursday.
I tried to convice Shawn to be a "guest poster" on this little blog of mine and for some odd reason he said no. Poor boy, his creative bone is broken today too. I told him that the best way to capture my audience is with a tutorial on how to properly blow a snot rocket in the shower (this skill is coming in handy these days). Buuut then I remembered that tutorials typically include photos and I quickly nixed that idea.
I apologize for my lack of words today but I will make up for it tomorrow.

On the bright side, I am wearing a sweater today with a giant hole in the armpit and nobody has yet to see it. It’s obviously going to be a good day at this rate J
 Hope your day is faaaaaabulous!  



  1. You brighten my day. Nuff said. :)

  2. I totally had this so called "Writer's Block" just the other day. Don't even worry about it, you're already been pretty awesome to go a whole day with no one noticing the giant hole in your sweater!


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