Biggest Loser Reject

I am currently in a Biggest Loser competition at my workplace. Each week I am supposed to log 210 minutes of cardio and do strength training 3 times a week.
This week my totals look like this: 0. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Instead I:
·         Tried a new Mexican restaurant
·         Took baths
·         Drank martinis
·         Ate macaroni & cheese after 9 pm
·         Blogged (tad bit addicted)
·         Went to bible study
·         Saw Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Just Go With It. Highly recommend.
·         Hosted a Jersey Shore party
·         Had extra playtime with Maggs
·         Spent hours in front of a slot machine celebrating V-Day with my man
·         Had my pajamas on until noon (both weekend days). This never happens.
·         And many other activities, all of which had nothing to do with working out. Woopsies.

Maggie says hello.

Let the losing begin...

Delicious little meal I stuck in my tummy

Jokes on you. Michigan City, IN is apparently the new Vegas.

Shawn informed me that sunglasses are used only when playing table games. I found it necessary for slots as well.

My 0 may look like a failure to my teammates (sorry Charlies) but I’d consider it a pretty successful week in my book (Uh, minus my losses at the casino, better luck next time). Hopefully this week I will muster up some motivation to get that body of mine moving again...


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  1. haha this is hilarious. i have the same sort of self control in our competition...zero. oops.


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