Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Well friends, a new week is here which also means a whole lot of new awkward & awesome moments in my life. 

1.       Fist pumping to black eyed peas in my car and I spot somebody observing me. They gave me a look as if they were concerned for my mental state. C’mon people-no need to make what would be an awesome moment awkward.
2.       Having the below dialog with the man at Subway when placing an order:
Me: (In a very excited voice because I am about to drop some Subway lingo on him) “I would like to take advantage of the Februany.”
Subway man: ”What?!?!” (Highest amount of confusion I have ever seen on ones face)
Me: “Februany…you don’t know what I am talking about?!”
Subway Man: “Uhhh…..No”, continues to look at me like I have lost my mind.
Me: “It is your song in commercials…Februany, you know-any foot long for $5 in February?!?”
Subway Man: “I don’t watch TV”
…Long story short, my dreams of the subway employee being impressed with my use of HIS employers catchy phrase quickly back-fired. He even managed to look at me and laugh as I walked out after eating.
Last time I pull that trick off.
3.       Singing at a high decibel (slightly off pitch) while roaming the aisles of Target and somebody hears me. For some reason I am naive to the fact that if it is coming out of my mouth, there is a chance it could be heard.
4.       Setting the brightness on your computer monitor to blinding, migraine inducing levels. This wouldn’t be awkward if you could adjust it back but what does my computer decide to do? Freeze.
So here I sit-sunglasses and all.
5.       Saying to Shawn “I would love to go back to Italy sometime.” This wouldn’t be awkward but he turned to me with a puzzled look and responded with “We have never been to Italy…??” Oops.
6.       Having my sister say to me as we pass an IHOP “I looooooove IHOP. It is my favorite restaurant”. Me: “Oh really, when have you gone?” Sis: “Oh I haven’t, but I know it would be my favorite”.
 I am blaming Number 5 on her.
7.       Talking to yourself thinking nobody is around and all of a sudden you are frightened out of your mind because somebody else answers the question you just asked-confirming the fact that you really were talking to yourself because why then, would you be so startled to hear a response?
8.       Going to the bathroom right next to your co-worker, trying to make your feet disappear so they can’t guess who is sitting on the toilet right next to them. Are floor to ceiling stalls illegal in this country?
9.       Black pieces of who knows what floating in the bottom of my decaf coffee. Most people would probably stop drinking it at this point but I think I will continue on.

1.       My new blog design compliments of Simply Yours Designs. Kudos to my man for installing it- How some people are naturals at this technology stuff is beyond me.
2.        Witnessing my niece learn how to pick her nose. Once she realized she had nostrils it was non-stop finger up her nose. Hilarious. Seeing my sister’s embarrassment of her daughter’s new-found favorite hobby, even more hilarious.
3.       Blueberry anything. Coffee, tea, muffins, crumpets. Caught me-I haven’t actually had crumpets but I am sure they would be delightful.
4.       Martini Club tonight! Girl time + drinks = uh-mazing. More on this subject later though, It is worthy of its own post.
5.       Getting an email from Kraft Foods with recipes on how to show your hunny you love them. Included in my email? A macaroni and cheese recipe. Kraft, YOU are my valentine this year.
6.       Making Shawn laugh so hard while he is on an important call that he has to hold the phone away from his face and shoo me away. It is the funniest thing in the world. Please try this to your loved ones. You might wet your pants it is so funny.
7.       Little orange balls of joy. Also known as Clementines. These little cuties have the happiest little stickers on them; I have started my own collection. Not to mention they are jam packed with Vitamin C. Suh-weet.
8.       Receiving a high-five first thing in the morning from a valued blog reader. I say “what’s this about?” “Your blog..awesome”. I just remembered how much I love high fives.
9.       Gift cards. Better yet-gift cards that are basically free. We use these frequently and am convinced that you should too. Click Here and enter promo code LOVE when checking out. This will score you 80% off the cost of the already low price they offer. $25 meal for $2?
Now this is true love. <---Find the link :)



  1. You are the most awkward, awesome person I know... well, perhaps besides myself. Just kidding, you definitely are! :) Loved your post... I cried laughing!

  2. I think you should dedicate and ENTIRE blog to awkward bathroom situations...!

  3. laughed out loud about the chels comment. congrats on starting a fantastic blog!


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