3 Things...

1. Please take a look at this receipt and notice how much I paid.
Pretty sure every happy nerve in my body went bananas (no pun intended) when I heard the cashier say "You don't owe anything, it's free".
Thank you Banana Republic Luxe card, you are my new best friend. I promise to keep spending more money on you. Husband might not like this idea, but when you get me the two shirts below for free, you deserve it.

Hi Free Sweater #1

Still in shock.  
2. Speaking of husband, his new haircut is beyond handsome. I think I might eat him. 
3. Pretty positive I am getting sick. A few indicators are my watery eyes, my face feeling like it wants to blow up, and the green snot coming out of my nose. I would say this stinks, but I love the bath/nap time it gives me so in all reality I am pretty pumped.
Relaxation, get ready for me because I am coming your way.
If you haven't noticed, I am pretty into baths. Just ask me how I plan on giving birth. Call me crazy, and I may call you correct...but at least that baby will come out smelling like Philosophy's Coconut Frosting :)
TMI?? Sow sow. (short for sorry).

Just a few squirts instantly transforms your bathroom into a cupcake shop :)

4. Eeek, I lied..I have 4 things to talk about. Sorry, I promise it will never happen again. Please tell me if you watch the Bachelor and who you are rooting for! I LOVE discovering new people to discuss this obsession of mine with. It is like discovering a piece of key lime pie in my freezer, only better.
My pick?
Emily. Really, Is it possible to get any cuter than this?

Love you all & Happy Tuesday!!!



  1. Oh sister, your posts never disappoint. Here I am, laughing out loud again. P.S. I can't wait to meet this little coconut cupcake baby of yours! Tell it to hurry up!!!

  2. I take a bath every night with a can of diet pepsi and my Nook. I have to refill the warm water a few times because I often refuse to get out.

  3. OOOOOoooooo! The BR Luxe card gets you free stuff!? I just got a Banana Republic card before the holidays and had no idea :) Maybe I should look into this and try getting some awesome deals too! Both tops look great on you, and BTW I am in love with your hair!

  4. Couple of things here-Chels, your comment made some co-workers of mine think I am preggo. Just to clarify people, I am not. Sorry to disappoint. And Teresa-yes, you will get rewards cards (gift cards) in your statements. Mine have ranged from $10-$40. It is like Christmas every time I get a statement in the mail, haha..until reality sets in and I realize I still have a bill to pay for :)

  5. Your free clothes are so cute!


  6. Emily is my favorite!!!
    Glad we also have this in common ;)

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